The sculptor


Pygmalion was a talented sculptor, who lived in Cyprus. He lost interest in women after seeing prostitutes in town. He saw women as flawed individuals and chose to ignore them. He put more time in his sculpting and eventually carved Galatea, a statue of a woman made out of ivory. The statue, Galatea, was a representation of his ideal woman.


Pygmalion would dress the sculpture in fine clothing and give her gifts he thought she would enjoy. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite saw Pygmalion's love for Galatea and felt bad for him. Pygmalion went to Aphrodite's temple to sacrifice a bull. While burning the offering the flames shot up three times giving him a sign. He went home and noticed something different about Galatea, he kissed her and her lips were warm. Aphrodite had made Galatea come alive. Soon the two were married and they often visited Aphrodite's temple because of the great deed she had done. This story has been a big inspiration to artist all around the world.

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