Jaiden Gregory

I am the left brain. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language.

My brain

Although I use both the left and right side of my brain depending on the thought process necessary, I am most comfortable while using the left side of my brain. That means that I like more structure, control, clarity, focus, direction, responsibility, organization, planning, mathematical and analytical skills, listening skills, rational and logical thinking. However, sometimes I need more spontaneity, expression, nurturing, social and interpersonal activity, imagination and creativity, artistry, holistic, abstract and conceptual thinking.

Decision Making

When making decisions I tend to follow the analytical style. People with that decision making style completes task by preparing detailed plans, wants to be able to predict plans, skilled in organizing facts and establishing controls, motivated by complex situations with variety and challenge, impersonal social orientation. Others sometimes perceive my decision making as too careful, abstract, or mathematical, sometimes too slow, impersonal. The best organized fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for where planning or solving complex problems is important, such as science or engineering.

My Personality Type

#1 Blue

I have a blue personality type. That means that I am very concerned with my feelings. I am friendly, loyal,trustworthy. When I communicate I express emotion, am polite and indirect. It frustrates me when people are negative, rude and cause conflict.

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