GHSC Weekly Announcements

April 13, 2014

About GHSC

The Global Health Student Council exists to provide centralized information on Global Health issues and organizations on Cornell's campus.
Hey everyone!

I hope you all had good weeks!

Two big reminders for this week:

1. Please remember to vote on the day for the last member organization meeting


2. Apply to be a member of the Global Health Student Council for next semester


If you have any questions about applying to the GHSC, please email the President Alex Leto at acl95.

In addition, if you would like your club to be featured in the announcements and on facebook (see "Featured Club" below!), email me at oar5.

Finally, remember that all member organization announcements are due Saturday at midnight! Please feel free to email with any questions or announcements!


Olivia Roche

VP Communications

Featured Global Health Club: The Global Health Student Council (us!)

The Global Health Student Council is a student run organization that provides the Cornell community with a centralized location for students and organizations to gain information on global health issues and various global health events taking place on campus. We seek to connect organizations and students with a passion for global health and a desire to alleviate the health disparities within our world to each other and to the Cornell Global Health Program in order to better face these problems. In addition to facilitating the communication between all global health related organizations, the GHSC provides guidance in successful execution of club events through informational panels and organizational meetings.

Footprints Eboard

Are you interested in global health issues? Do you want to make an impact in countries around the world? Concerned about the shortage of simple life necessities in developing countries? Apply to be on the FootPrints eboard for the 2014-2015 school year!

FootPrints works to increase educational opportunities for children around the world by providing them with recycled, wearable walking shoes. To learn more about our mission and available positions, please email

Fishbowls for Floating Doctors

Wednesday, April 23rd, Level B 8-10pm

Floating Doctors is a mobile medical relief team (traveling primarily by ship) that aims to provide healthcare to remote cultural communities throughout the developing world. Founded in 2008, Floating Doctors has already delivered 60,000+ pounds of donated medical supplies and treated well over 10,000 patients.

On April 23rd, AKPsi, DSP, BSU, CHI, GlobeMed, and PhiDE are collaborating to raise funds and awareness for Floating Doctors. The event, Fishbowls for Floating Doctors, will start at 8pm at Level B. Tickets can be purchased online for $8 (the link will go live early next week) and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Floating Doctors. From 8pm-10pm, anyone who has purchased a ticket will be able to purchase well drinks/beer/shots for just $2, as well as special tropical-themed mango and lime flavored fishbowls.

Bid Night for Bed Nets

Friday, May 2nd, 8-11pm, Sigma Pi Fraternity

This date auction-style philanthropic event is dedicated to increasing awareness about malaria and raising funds for the Network against Malaria organization based in Uganda. In Africa, one child dies every minute from Malaria. Network against Malaria is an organization devoted to providing bed-nets for both school-age children, and, pregnant mothers who may pass malaria to their children. Given that Malaria has been the root cause of over 1.2 million deaths in the past year, Network against Malaria has made it their goal to offer assistance for those communities in-need of better healthcare. Bidnight for Bednets is sponsored by Network Against Malaria, Sigma Pi Fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon, and the Global Health Student Council.

Global Health Student Council Eboard

The GHSC is now accepting applications from all rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors for several available positions in the Fall 2014 semester. Please fill out and submit this document to the President at acl95 in application.