Private Summer Academic Camp 2013

July through August

Summer maintenance :)

Summertime is a busy time for you and your family and academics tend to take a back seat over vacation. Many students need to keep reading, writing and practicing during this time to maintain their newly learned skills and concepts. I’ve seen firsthand how keeping an academic routine over the summer can benefit a child come the fall and this is why I decided to make available to a limited number of students this summer opportunity. Your child will receive valuable instruction in reading, writing and mathematics from a certified teacher.

Weekly schedule


July: 8, 15, 22, 29

August: 5, 12

7th accelerated Mathematics class
  • Each session will focus on a specific topic.
  • slope-intercept form, scale drawings, linear functions, scatter plots, and geometry


July: 9, 16, 23, 30

August: 6, 13

6th grade Math/ELA class
  • Reading ECHOHAWK by Lynda Durrant; required summer reading.
  • review of major math concepts/skills using problem based learning
  • writing for purpose


July: 10, 17, 24, 31

August: 7, 14

4th grade Math/ELA class
  • Review of math concepts/skills
  • reading and writing
  • completion of summer homework


July: 11, 18, 25

August: 1, 8, 15

Kindergarten class
  • Practice aspects of reading, writing and mathematics
  • Each week is themed (Ocean, The 5 senses, money, time, garden and camping

Meet the Teacher !

The Details...

This summer I am offering six week sessions once a week for an hour and a half for each of the following classes. The class that you choose to sign up for is the one that your child is currently in. You must provide all the transportation for your child. This program is taking place at my residence in Coxsackie.

****Class will run from 1pm until 2:30pm****

July 8th until August 15th

The fee for the program is $40 per session($240 for all six weeks) and a onetime registration fee of $5. All supplies will be provided. If I need to cancel a session I will provide a make-up class. If you are interested in signing up for one of these classes please fill out the registration form and mail directly to:

64 Vandyck St. Coxsackie, NY 12051.

Availability is limited and to ensure a spot your registration form and registration fee must be turned in by July 8th. You only pay for the sessions your child attends. There are 6 total sessions for each class. If you have any questions, please contact me through email, facebook or call me on my cell 610-0005.


Private Summer School 2013

Registration Form


Child’s name:_____________________________________________

Class (circle): K 4 6 7(accelerated)

Age:___________ Gender:_______________ Home Phone:_________________________________________

Home Address:_______________________________________________________________________________


Child lives with Both Parents__________ Mother______________ Father_____________

Other (specify)__________________________________


Father’s name:__________________________________________

Work Phone:____________________________________________

Cell Phone:______________________________________________


Mother's name:_________________________________________

Work Phone:____________________________________________

Cell Phone:______________________________________________

Emergency contact:


Relationship to child:_____________________________________


Home Phone:____________________________________________

Cell Phone:______________________________________________

Any Allergies or physical limitations yes____ No____

If yes, please specify______________________________________________________________________________________

Child’s Doctor:_______________________________________Phone:_____________________________________

Preferred Hospital: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

In case of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact the parents, the emergency numbers and doctors listed. Failing to contact any of these, I give permission to Christy Roe to call a Physician and secure proper emergency treatment while efforts to locate the parents continue.

Signed:__________________________________ Relationship to child:_____________________ Date:____________________

7th grade Accelerated Mathematics (going into 8th grade accelerated Math)

These lessons will help students understand how slope-intercept form, scale drawings, linear functions, scatter plots, and geometry are applicable to future careers. The lessons address the following questions:

  • Session 1: How does changing the slope or the y-intercept in a linear equation change a line?
  • Session 2: How is scale factor calculated and applied when you dilate a drawing to a larger size?
  • Session 3: How is the area of a plane figure changed when one or more of the original dimensions changes?
  • Session 4: How does the volume of a three-dimensional figure change when one or more of the dimensions changes?
  • Session 5: How can understanding linear functions help you determine which rental car company offers the best deal?
  • Session 6: What is the correlation between education level and long-term financial benefit?

Session 1

Main lesson

Pilots and flight engineers: Working with slope-intercept form

· Students will learn to manipulate equations with changes to the slope and the y-intercept.

Session 2

Main lesson

Graphic designers: working with scale

· Students will gain experience drawing objects to scale and using scale drawings to solve problems

Session 3

Main lesson

Woodworkers and finishers: working with area

· Students will name two-dimensional figures and find the area of each.

  • Students will calculate the change in area when one or more of the measurements are changed.

Session 4

Main Lesson

Commercial and industrial designers: Working with volume

· Students will find the volume of a variety of three-dimensional figures and determine the percent of change in volume when the dimensions are changed.

Session 5

Main Lesson

Travel agents: Working with linear functions

· Students will create equations based on real-life scenarios, graph those equations, and analyze the graphs.

Session 6

Main Lesson

Guidance counselors: Working with scatter plots

· Students will graph a scatter plot and manually approximate the line of best fit. Students will be provided the opportunity to confirm their scatter plot and line of best fit using their graphing calculator. Students will explain the meaning of the line and make reasonable predictions based on the data.

** Review and extra practice will consist of going over formulas and working with the concept before working on the scenarios. The extra practice will be problems from state tests or problems like they would see in a school setting.

6th grade (going into 7th grade)

Session 1


*EchoHawk by Lynda Durrant

· Read and discuss

· About the author, glossary, afterword, chapter 1

· Write Chapter summary


Law enforcement careers: Working with decimals

Students will perform the basic math operations with decimals and will understand how they relate to careers in law enforcement.

Session 2


*EchoHawk by Lynda Durrant

· Read and discuss chapters 2-4

· Write Chapter summaries

· Discuss culture differences

Discuss internal/external conflicts


Food service professionals: Working with fractions

  • Students will use fractions and customary measurements to alter recipes to serve large numbers of people.
  • Students will use operations with decimals to determine profit from a catering job.

Session 3


*EchoHawk by Lynda Durrant

· Read and discuss chapters 5-7

· Write Chapter summaries

· Discuss culture differences

Discuss internal/external conflicts


Sales career: working with percents

Students will use commission rates for various sales careers to calculate salary.

Session 4


*EchoHawk by Lynda Durrant

· Read and discuss chapters 8-9

· Write Chapter summaries

· Discuss culture differences

Discuss internal/external conflicts


Marketing careers: Working with scale drawings

  • Students will calculate the dimensions of a toy car to create a scale drawing.
  • Students will understand how mathematical concepts are used in marketing careers.

Session 5


*EchoHawk by Lynda Durrant

· Read and discuss chapters 10-12

· Write Chapter summaries

· Discuss culture differences

Discuss internal/external conflicts


Home Renovation: Working with Area

  • Students will work together in cooperative groups to calculate the cost of finishing a basement.
  • Students will solve problems involving perimeter and area.
  • Students will understand how math can be applied to careers in home repair and renovation.

Session 6


*EchoHawk by Lynda Durrant

· Read and discuss chapters 13-15

· Write Chapter summaries

· Discuss culture differences

Discuss internal/external conflicts






4th grade (going into 5th grade)

Session 1

Read: chapter 1-4

No Talking by Andrew Clements

The noisy fifth-grade boys of Laketon Elementary School challenge the equally

loud fifth-grade girls to a “no-talking” contest.

**book discussion, journal questions and vocabulary

“Trail mix Fractions”

· Students will multiply fractions to increase a recipe

· Students will correctly measure ingredients using fractions

· Students will have to problem solve in order to figure out how much each person gets

Session 2

Read: Chapter 5-7

“Let’s play CARDS”

· Students will play games using cards to practice multiplying and dividing and creating equivalent fractions.

Session 3

Read: chapter 8-11

Area & perimeter

*students will take measurements and figure out the area and perimeter of the figure.

*Students will create a model of the figure on paper.

Session 4

Read: chapter 12-14

“Decimal War”

*Students will create decimal cards.

*They will have to compare decimal, read them correctly, and order them.

Session 5

Read: Chapter 15-17

“Graph a Collection”

· Students will bring their favorite collection to sort and graph (pokemon cards, marbles, coins, etc)

Session 6

Read: chapter 18-20

“Problem Solving Scavenger Hunt”

· Students will solve problems to locate all the items on the scavenger hunt

Kindergarten (going into 1st grade) This is just an example of one session

Session 1: Theme: Garden

1-1:10pm Arrival & Seat work

Write first, last name & numbers to 20

Read books from basket

Practice sight words

Read Aloud

Make predictions

Up, down, and around / Katherine Ayres ; illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott.

After listening will be able to answer questions about the story

Small book

Use reading strategies

Grow, Vegetables, Grow!

Concept book (nonfiction), 67 words, Level D (Grade 1)


Sequence writing

3-4 sentences

With pictures

Anchor chart for sequence words, Word wall words

Write 2+ complete sentences related to a topic


Bean counter

Sort into colors, shapes or sizes and complete add/subtraction problems


Literacy Centers



*Word/picture sort

*Spelling{am, at, can, hat, him, in, it, yes}(read word, build word, write word)

*phonics (word family an)

*word/Picture sort

Garden pictures & words: write word


Math Centers

*dice addition

*math puzzle

*sort and count seeds

Count sets of objects, write and identify

numbers to 20.