Issues Facing GT Learners

16 Of The Smartest Children In History

3 BIG Ideas...

  1. No matter how gifted one is, GT learners still face many of the same struggles as their peers.
  2. GT learners can have great difficulty adapting to the real world if they aren't given the opportunity to foster and express their "giftedness."
  3. While many extremely gifted learners have the intellect of an adult, they may also still have the emotional maturity of child.

2 Questions I Still Have....

  • How much of a role do family, school, and environment play in gifted learners' success?
  • I noticed that they majority of the kids recognized in this article are white males... How can we better identify learners from diverse backgrounds?

1 Action To Take Immediately...

Try my best to carefully navigate the balance between "pushing" a gifted learner to realize their potential and nurture their emotional needs.