Angelika Dorohina

About my life story

Hi,friends. For starting,I'm sociable person. I like to learn about something interesting which happend in the world. I'm interested in English, but when my teacher ask me some questions very fast I become being shy. I try to get used to it.

When I was young I went to dance clases, but with time my parents couldn't lead me there, so I had to stop go there.

For 3 years I have been going to Art School for painting. But for myself, I don't like painting because I can't do it very well.

After that I didn't attend any courses. I had no free time. I was studying.

But for last 3 years I have been attend English courses to improving my English knowledges and for preparing to state exam. But,unfortunately, this year I stop attending, because I have started high education in very strong and popular university. So I have no free time for all. Only for weekends I can go out with friends.

Вальс 2012. г. Донецк.