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How Growing Medical Marijuana Could Lead to a Career in the Pot Industry

With business booming, medical marijuana growers are among the best situated groups for promotion through their respective industry.

For the longest time, marijuana has been incorrectly considered a ‘gateway’ drug. Being what starts people down the road of drug use, pot has had a terrible reputation as a result, going so far as to be listed a schedule 1 drug. Well, those who predicted pot being a gateway were wrong on all fronts except for one. Growing pot can be an excellent gateway to having a career in the growing industry that is US medical marijuana.

The 2014 business year was the most productive on record for both the growth of the medical marijuana industry and the amount of money in the industry. With so much time, attention, and money now being paid to medical marijuana, everyone associated with the industry are finding new and more lucrative careers in higher paying jobs within the industry itself.

Lets take a look at how growing medical marijuana can be an excellent way to get into a career in the pot industry.

Knowledge Is Power

One of the greatest problems facing the current US pot industry is a lack of expertise. While an incredible number of Americans have reported using marijuana, few have the technical and scientific understanding required to run an effective business and manage the industry. One of the leading producers of qualified pot industry experts are marijuana farms producing for medical marijuana. Along with having a competent understanding of growing conditions, medical marijuana growers also know the major players in the industry. Whether they are medical marijuana doctors Washington state practitioners or even individual medical marijuana card Seattle holders, the providers are the beginning the social network. As the social network is primarily responsible for mobility within any given workforce, the medical marijuana grower is perfectly situated to expand into an industry career position.

An Excellent Way to Build A Reputation

Supplying a high quality product is an excellent way to build a long lasting positive reputation. The better your product and ability to manage your business, the more worth you will have within the industry. Given the youth of the industry, it is very easy for you to make a name for yourself as an expert and even representative for the industry in your area. From there you can expand your experience into a career.