Dry In Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh Water Crisis

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Did you know? 90% of Bengalis use groundwater as a water source? Cool fact!

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Are these rivers effective sources of water? Why are the salinity levels increasing in the Rivers?

No, the rivers aren’t effective sources of freshwater because of the high salinity levels. The water passes through shrimp farms and construction of the Farraka Barrage. The Farraka Barrage is a structure in India that diverts water from the Ganges to irrigate Indian soil. These factors are causing the salinity levels of the rivers to rise.

What's Up With The GroundWater In Bangladesh?

The groundwater in Bangladesh contains arsenic which causes large amounts of poisoning. Arsenic can severly damaged integral system and can cause cancer.

So, how much water is used for agricultural in Bangladesh? Well, around 80% of the water in Bangladesh is spent of agricultural. Woah, who would knew!

What Is causing all these water issues for Bangladesh?

Well, the people of Bangladesh have little control over the amount of water they receive because only 7% of the land that create the watersheds is in Bangladesh. Also on top of that, the salinity of the water is rising. All of this causes water related issues for Bangladesh.

So how can we fix this issue?

Well, you can created something that treats arsenic and can purify and clean the water so that it can be drank. Also, you can created a rainwater catching system. You could catch the rainwater and clean it. Then, it will be ready to drink!

So Where is Bangladesh? Bangladesh is surrounded by India.