2013 Sports In Review

Top 10

10. Black Hawks beat Bruins in Stanly Cup

In the End on the season for Hockey the Chicago Black hawks beat the Boston Bruins at home for their final game with a goal in the last period to take the cup home.

9. Red socks win World series

The Red socks beat the Cardinals in the world series with 4 wins in the 6 games they played.

8. Ravens beat San Francisco in Superbowl

in Superbowl XLVII the Ravens beat the 49er's 34-31 in the end. It was a weird Superbowl because the lights in the stadium powered out after halftime.

7.The NFL Draft was a success for the Packers

The Packers drafted 2 good running backs in 2013 with the power back Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin.

6. Arron Rodgers is injured week 9

In Week 9 the Bears played the Packers and injured Arron Rodgers keeping him out till week 17 against the bears again

5.Patriots Tight end is charged with murder

Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots tight end was charged with murder and he pleaded not guilty.

4. Louisville wins the NCAA final four

In a tight game Michigan was defeated against the Louisville Cardinals 82 to 76.

3. Kansas City Chiefs start their season with a 9-0 winning streak

In a while the Chiefs have never played as well as this year starting their season with 9 wins.

2.Houston Texans have a very bad season

The Texans won their first two games then lost all the rest of their games having a 15 week loosing streak.

1. Packers clinch NFC North in last game

The Packers had to beat the Chicago Bears in week 17 and the winner of the game went to the playoffs and the Packers beat the Bears with a score of 33-28 with a final touchdown from Arron Rodgers to Randle Cobb.

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