4/17 Naquag: Remote Learning +Video

4/17/20 Naquag News: Remote Learning Updates & Resharing Naquag Video!

Good Evening Naquag Families,

I hope this message finds you and your family well!

First, I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate what is an unprecedented and challenging time. I would also like to acknowledge and send my gratitude to the Naquag faculty and staff who have been amazingly resilient and responsive over the past 4 weeks.

After much discussion, the District has determined that we need to move forward from optional enrichment activities to a more structured approach, referred to as remote learning.

You will notice two significant changes with remote learning. The first is that there is now an expectation that students will engage in the learning opportunities outlined for them by their teachers. To support this change, teachers are working to define what remote learning will look like for each grade level. I will continue to send the grade specific "Learning Boards/ Plan" on Sunday afternoon. Classroom teachers will be in touch with families early next week to explain specifically what those changes will look like. In some cases, such as Preschool, this might differ from what is currently in place.

The second change with remote learning is the focus of the work. At the K-2 level, remote learning lessons will initially focus on reviewing essential skills and content that have already been taught and may focus on introducing some new material as aligned with the applicable curriculum framework once students have adjusted to the routine of remote learning. In order to support our ability to gauge the effectiveness of the remote learning lessons and student progress, teachers will be asking for your support in submitting some work for their review. This is not meant to add stress, but hopefully will allow for teacher feedback as well as continued support of the home/ school partnership.

Provided the nature of the current unprecedented situation we find ourselves in as a community, we recognize that completing school work at home may be challenging for many families. If your child experiences great difficulty or becomes exceedingly frustrated with a task, we ask that you have your child stop the activity and communicate this to the teacher via email. During face-to-face instruction, teachers glean information about students’ strengths and struggles. Since teachers do not have access to these same informal cues during online instruction, they will appreciate parents’/guardians’ thoughtful partnership.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything or if you have questions or concerns. We will all get through this, but it will be a lot easier if we get through it together.

Stay safe!

(I'm also resharing our Naquag Warm Hello Video!)


Dixie Estes

Principal, Naquag Elementary School