My Bucket List

Sasha Koustova - April 2015

White Water Rafting

Located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, white water rafting is on my bucket list because I've done it before and it's pretty fun to do with all the water splashing against the rocks and your friends. The weathering that probably occurs there is physical due to the moving water at the river. The force of erosion is the running water that is very strong against the rocks.
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Rope Swinging

The famous, but probably the biggest rope swing is located at Corona Arch near the Moab, Utah area. This is on my bucket list because I've seen people do it before and it looks like fun even though I am terrified of heights. The big arch was probably made by physical weathering and the forces of the erosion that helped make it was gravity, wind and rain water pounding on the rocks.
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Exploring the Natural Caverns

The best location of seeing natural caverns is at the Natural Bridge Caverns Center at San Antonio, Texas. My list includes this place because I want to go there again and that the caves look amazing with its stalagmites. Since it's mostly caves, they were probably formed by chemical weathering. The forces of erosion that helped make the caverns were probably running water and gravity.
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Cliff Diving/Cliff Jumping

The location that I think is the best place to go cliff diving is Kapena Falls in Honolulu, Hawaii. I would love to cliff dive down to the blue sea one day which makes cliff diving on my bucket list. The big cliff was probably made by physical weathering. The forces the erode the cliffs are running water and wind carrying sand.
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Bungee Jumping

A great place to go bungee jumping is at the one and only Grand Canyon in Arizona. It might be a long way down to the bottom of the bridge, but it's worth a shot! My cousins once went bungee jumping there and they said that it's scary at first, but you get used to it. The weathering that made the canyon would be physical. The forces of erosion that help make the canyon can be the running water(river), wind or gravity.
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The Navajo Bridge is where most daredevils go to bungee jump. The bridge is above the Colorado River at about 467 ft high.
Bungee Jump Into The Grand Canyon