Deion Sanders

By: Imani "Money" Partlow


Deion Sanders was born on August 9th 1969 in Fort Myers Florida. Also known as “Primetime”, Deion Sanders was known as a shutdown cornerback for multiple NFL teams and also his flashy ways on and off the field. Deion stood out wherever he was, always said to have a cocky attitude as if he was the “BEST” and in many cases he was.

College Life/ Degree

Deion Sanders attended Florida State University but didn't graduate because he left early for the NFL. Later he got Bachelors degree and majored in sports journalism. Later after retiring from the league he became a sports analyst for the NFL and ESPN.
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Deion sanders won lots of awards including Defensive player of the year for the NFL, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and in college won the Jim Thorpe award for best college defensive back. He also won multiple Super Bowl rings with almost every team he played with.
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Positive Quote

Deion Sanders is saying he is very confident in his abilities and that he has little fear or doubt in what he can do.