PE Experts

Looking for qualified experts to help in PE

Warm Up Experts

These learners will demonstrate exercises during warm up. Please make sure you know all exercises and can demonstrate proper form.

Blue (3-5)-

Purple (3-5)-

Green (3-5)-

Red (3-5)-

Yellow (3-5)-

Yoga Experts

Yoga experts will walk around during yoga and help others do the yoga positions correctly. Please make sure you have good yoga form. You may even get to lead yoga for the day.

Blue (3-5)-

Purple (3-5)-

Green (3-5)-

Red (3-5)-

Yellow (3-5)-

Equipment Managers

These experts will be responsible for helping set out and clean up equipment. Equipment managers should be good listeners and can follow directions.

Blue (K-2)- Cadence, Faith

Blue (3-5)- C'niya, Kylie, Bhavesh

Purple (K-2)- Varshith, Azalea, Akshaj

Purple (3-5)- Andrew, Ethan

Green (K-2)- Ishani, Pranav, Maanav

Green (3-5)- Mahati, Andrew

Red (K-2)- Arnav, Rahul

Red (3-5)- Shreya, Aryan, Matthew

Yellow (K-2)-Siddarth, Lahari, McKenna

Yellow (3-5)-Ashutosh, Eesha

Blog Updates

These learners will be responsible for writing a paragraph about what they learned in PE throughout the week. They can write about all the fun games we played as well. I will be posting their writing on my blog for everyone to see. How cool is that! I will be picking one learner from the whole school each week.

First Responders and Score Keepers

These will be learners who are sitting out of PE because of physical constraints (broken arm, leg, etc). I will also be looking for others to help.

First responders will check on learners who get hurt, give them Band-aids, and possibly escort them to the nurse.

Score keepers will keep track of scores during different games.

These learners will also need to make sure they are watching all learners and notifying the teacher is someone is displaying bad sportsmanship.