Discovery Boot Camp 5

15 days to a becoming a more connected Discovery Educator

DE Boot Camp: Fundamentals Day 5 ................................... Viewing and Saving Media

Once you've located media in Discovery's library, the next thing you'll want to do is to access it. The beauty of the Discovery media player is that it is exactly the same for every piece of media in the library, no matter what type it is. While the video player does have MORE elements than other types of media, once you've learned to use the video player, everything else on the site will be a snap!
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Playing a video

To play a video, select the clip you'd like to play on the right and then click the PLAY icon (the triangle inside a circle) on top of the video player.

Controlling the Player

When you mouse-over the player, you will see a toolbar appear at the bottom of the player. You'll tools to control volume, closed captions, format preferences, and full-screen playback.

Definitely Download when you can

For the best playback experience, you'll definitely want to download any media that you plan to use in class with your students - it plays smoother and cleaner, and you're won't be relying on your network or the internet bandwidth. To DOWNLOAD, click the Download tab above the player, RIGHT-CLICK and choose SAVE TARGET (or link) AS.

If you are downloading a video that includes captions, for those captions to work with the downloaded video, you'll need to download them too. Be sure to save the captions file with the same file name and in the same folder as the video file.

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Be sure to let others know what you like

When you find media that you like, you can let other know by clicking the LIKE button to the right of the clip listing.

In Boot Camp Day 2, we talked about building your Discovery community... one of the things you'll be able to see there is what videos others at your campus are "liking", so be sure to "like" to share the great things that you find.

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Be a good model for your students - Cite your sources

As you use all sorts of types of media with your students and in creating online activities and resources, it's very important that you model good referencing practices for your students. Discovery makes that SO easy to do - if you click the DETAILS tab above your player, you'll find all sorts of information about that media title, including citations in all three common formats (MLA, APA, and CMS). Just copy a citation and paste it into your reference list.
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Today's assignment - Download different media

Choose at least three different types of media to download from Discovery. I recommend that you choose from full videos, video segments, clip art, images, math explanations, math overviews, audio, songs, or sound effects. While you'll find that accessing each type of media may vary slightly, the process is almost identical no matter what type of media you choose.

Bonus Tip of the Day! You can download on a mobile device too!!!

* Since I'm by far more familiar with iOS devices than other mobile formats, I'm going to focus on the Apple device. However, there are other apps that will let you do the same thing on your Android or other mobile device. Please let me know if you have a favorite - I'd love to share that out with the group.

While you won't be able to download on iPad or iPhone directly in Safari, there are a variety of apps that will let you download video and audio from Discovery Education into your PHOTOS on your device. The app that I'm most familiar with is Video Downloader from Yajing Qian (free).

* The app includes a browser - you'll login to Discovery through the app, not Safari, and locate the video you want to download.

* Press directly on the video player and select DOWNLOAD from the pop-up menu.

* Once the video has downloaded, go to the VIDEOS folder (at the bottom of the app screen), tap the blue arrow icon at the right, and select SAVE TO ALBUMS to save the video.

Once you've downloaded your video, the creative possibilities are endless. There are SO many amazing apps that you and your students can use to take that media and create something spectacular with it!!

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