Weekly Update

Before winter break

Safety Message

Mr. Mooneyham reports that we can now use any cleaning product that is sold over the counter. In the past we could only use the chemicals/products that we had onformation sheets. So Clorox wipes and items like this are ok to use.

Thank you Amie and Melissa

The Moby Max subcription has been paid and the service was not interrupted, yeah. Amie has written a grant to submitt to Worth Repeatng and Melissa has agreed to present the grant at the next meeting. Thank you both.


I want to wish you a super swell Holiday and break. I hope your time is what you want it to be.

I am hoping to start the New Year with more chances for us to get to know one another, clear some issues with curriculum, and move toward implementing more Leader in Me. Over the break I hope to send you a brief breakdown of how we can move forward with a general outline of dates and times for meetings and interactions.

The Villarreal's

The break brings happiness to the family. We are looking forward to spending two weeks together. Puppy Roger is going to be on a strick potty training schedule.