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Oct 11th-14th

Quick Announcements! **

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  2. Correct & Return- A few of you have seen this on assignments that have come graded. This is because a student has struggled with the assignment. It is important to correct the work with them to help them find their mistakes. I will have (almost) always retaught the skill or will be doing. This is also a great way to show them we are on the same page and may give you some ideas how to help your child succeed from home! :) It will also help to improve their grade
  3. Parent Conferences- We have until the second week of November or so, but I will not be able to get very many in at the last minute and am waiting on around 10 or so to still sign up! :) Use the link below or the one further down in the newsletter to sign up! If you need a slot that is not on the sheet please email me and we will figure something out!
  4. AMP Teachers- Are awesome and are sending us weekly updates for you to be in the loop on your kiddos while they are in specials! Please read to the bottom for more pictures and news! :)
  5. Color Run!!! Carroll Elementary PTA is hosting our very own (no more boosterthon) Color Run Fundraiser! It is going to be 10X above and beyond every event we have done in the past! So be on the lookout for more details coming soon!

Anchor Charts! (Things we have co-created during lessons this week!)

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This week we learned alot!

Math- This week in math we have learned how to use place value and part part whole mats as well as number lines to help us find the best way to solve addition and subtraction word problems!

Reading- We have started a new cluster in reading and writing! We are now focusing on Nonfiction. We have been comparing the two genres and really breaking down the major differences, beyond just text features!

Writing- We have switched to Nonficiton in writing as well and have learned that an "All About Book" is a 'chapter' book that teaches! We have started writing on one topic we are already experts on.

Science- We have reviewed like crazy and taken our CBA. Today we focused on analyzing our answers and being reflective of our scores.

Pink Out Celebrate Carroll!

Friday, Oct. 21st, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We want an all pink crowd to show our support!

Picture walk through our week!

Next Week...

Math- Next week we will continue adding two digit numbers using our strategies and spend a short time focusing on even and odd numbers.

Writing- We will keep on working on our All About Books. They are loving these already!

Reading- We will be learning about the many types of text in Nonfiction and get to explore all the benefits as well as what we can learn from them.

Science- We will be doing science in two weeks. We are spending the next two weeks focused on Social Studies.

Social Studies- We will be discussing the characteristics of good leadership!

A note from Mrs. Coday! (music)


The third grade at Carroll is presenting a Veteran’s Day program on November the 11th at 7:45 a.m. We would love to show a slide show during one of our songs of veterans or people currently serving in any part of the armed forces. If you have family members or friends that have served or are currently serving, please email a picture to Mrs. Courcy at, to be included as a slide by October 28th ( please include your child’s name and relation to the person in the picture). If you sent a picture last year there is no need to send a duplicate. Thank you and hope to see you on the 11th and please invite veterans that you know so we can honor them that day !

Dawn Coday

Carroll Music Teacher

A note from Coach Krieg!

"Carroll Elementary has been selected to join the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and The Cooper Institute’s Healthy Zone School Recognition Program - making it one of only 141 North Texas schools to participate in this prestigious program! Through this program, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas teams with The Cooper Institute®, local schools across the region, and thousands of educators, parents, volunteers and donors to create healthier environments in schools. Please see the attached Healthy Zone Letter for more information."

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A letter from Mr. G!

ART CLASS! 2nd grade is learning about PERSPECTIVE and how they can draw the same subject from different points of view. We’re working on drawing four different views of a snowman and picking our two best images for our final artwork. The kids even got a chance to stand on chairs and the back counter to get a different perspective of our classroom! I can’t wait to see the finished artwork.

Mr. G

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