Rankin Elementary Bulletin

May 4, 2015 - Bulletin # 32

Weekly Events

Tuesday: NCI Meeting @ 8:15 AM; HAL Field trip; I will out of the building from 2:30 til the end of the day

Wednesday: M-STEP Testing; FIre Drill

Thursday: M-STEP Testing; South Baptist Educator Appreciation Luncheon in the Lounge; Kindergarten Open House 6:00 -7:00

A special thanks to everyone for meeting with me based on our schedule last week so I could deliver evaluations. We are still waiting on the data piece to be uploaded. If this alters anyone's evaluation rating I will reprint your evaluation and submit it back to you.

Congratulations to Laura on a great music performance this past week! Students had a wonderful time and our students enjoyed the performance on Friday also.

M-STEP Testing

We have altered our testing schedule based on what we have learned from the testing with 5th grade. The new schedule is pasted by the mailboxes. This next week students will be taking the 4th grade M-STEP Math assessment on Wednesday. On Thursday they will participate in the M-STEP prepared Classroom Activity and follow that with the M-STEP Performance Task. We are learning about this new assessment as we go....

Fire Drill Wednesday

At this time the weather looks great for the fire drill on Wednesday. However, we also will have testing taking place. My plan is to conduct the fire Drill about 1:00. This is the end of 4th grade lunch and should not disrupt their testing as they will be on break during that time and just returning from lunch.

Kindergarten Open House

Kindergarten Open House is Thursday at 6:00. This is for next year’s kindergarten students. Feel free to join the fun.