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Why Do We Reference?

- To avoid plagiarisim by giving credit to the original source of an idea, piece of information or resource.
- To support your work with the authoritative work of another author
- To demonstrate your knowledge and familiarity with a topic that you have researched.
- To help readers of your work to find the original source of information or ideas that you have used.

How Do We Reference?

As you do your research, keep a list of all the sources that you use.

Add your found websites to your browser Favourites or use a social bookmarking tool such as Diigo or

What information is needed for your Bibliography or Reference List?

  • BOOK = Author. (Date of Publication). Title of Book, Place of Publication: Publisher.
Eg. Burns, M. (2013). Kite Making. Sydney, NSW: Random House.
  • WEBSITE = Author (if available). (Date of publication) , Title of article, Retrieved from URL

Eg. Costello, C. (2015). Referencing, Campbelltown Performing Arts Virtual Library.

Retrieved from

The Easy Way

Use an online referencing tool such as
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Need to know more?

See Ms Costello the Teacher Librarian or visit CPAHS Virtual Library