Welcome to The Scentsy Family

Congrats on Starting your New Scentsy Business

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Who is my Super Star Director & Sponsor?

Note from Jilleysue

As you know, my name is Jill McCarthy and I am your Scentsy Super Star Director. You'll find that I am not only your up line but your biggest cheerleader. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You may also start receiving emails from Jen Audette or Becca Levie, Our Up line Super Star Directors as well. We are all family. So now that you know who is who..... WELCOME!!

Congrats for jumping on board with myself and the rest of the team. We will help you every step of the way. We are so happy to have you as a member of our Scentsy family, and we are confident that the building of your business and your training with us will be a positive, exciting experience as well as an amazing one from the friends you’ll meet to the experiences you’ll embark on. We'll do our part, and we hope that before too long you'll join the thousands of successful Scentsy Consultants across the country making their dreams come true.

Whether you are part of Scentsy Fragrance, or Velata, we are all still one big family! I am your sponsor and I will work with you as you begin this new business adventure. I am your first point of contact for help with your questions, but I am happy to help with anything you need.

Crazy Emotions

The first thing I want to cover is the many emotions we have starting a new business. Some will be awesome, some will frustrate us and some may overwhelm us. It is natural. Do not let the ups and downs of a new business affect your excitement and positive attitude. Know that it is natural to go through each step and be EXCITED knowing that each one of these steps is a step closer to making your dreams come true. Keep telling yourself you are going to do amazing, BELIEVE IT because IT IS TRUE!!!!!

It is my goal to help and guide you thru your Scentsy business. I am sending this e-mail to congratulate you for starting your own business with Scentsy. I am so excited for you and the road you are about to embark on. The process of shipping your kit has started right away but before you receive it, I want to tell you a little bit about the next steps that will take place. Before I do that, on behalf, and our entire Wickless Sparklers Team, I want to extend a personal welcome to you.

You've Take a Big Step, Here is What Will Happen Next

First and foremost, BE EXCITED!!! Tell everyone that you have joined the Scentsy Family.

Now that Scentsy has received your consultant agreement, they will start processing your kit and ship all your materials to you in 3-5 days. Chances are the first thing you'll receive are lots of emails and hellos from various people in your Scentsy upline. You can call, email, IM or text me any time. I know how excited most consultants are to get started and I want you to know that I am here for you every step of the way. Myself or your sponsor will help you stay on track specifically the next 48 hours and over the course of the next 90 days. With your kit, comes training and we want to make sure you receive all that you need.

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★ Your kit should arrive within one week. You can track the status of the shipment through your workstation. (Click on “Orders”, if your order is listed as “shipped” in the right-hand column, click on “View”. There is a UPS tracking number you can click on,which will lead you to the UPS website.)

Are you ready for your Scentsy JOURNEY???

★ Schedule your business launch right away! This is your opportunity to tell everyone about your exciting new business venture! Invite EVERYONE!

Within the Start-Up Guide (You can find this in the resource section), complete your “List of 100” immediately.

★ You are currently an Escential Consultant and will earn 20% of your Personal Retail Volume (PRV). Once you achieve $1,000 in sales, you’ll advance to Certified Consultant and earn 25%. The earning potential is MUCH higher than 25% and we’ll train on the career plan and how high you want to go soon.

The FIRST THING YOU WANT TO DO IS FOCUS ON THE Shooting Star Award – when you achieve $500 PRV (Personal Retail Volume) within your first 15 days, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a business-building kit that contains both product and business supplies for a discounted price (this discounted price also counts toward your PRV). Reference the “Shooting Star Enhancement Kit” Flyer on the Resources Tab in your Workstation and I have posted a picture below. This award is based on your first 15 days from the day you joined. You can totally do it if you plan your LAUNCH party right away and start telling everyone you are a new consultant. Start getting those scent testers under some noses and it WILL happen.

★ Scentsational Start Award – there are three different levels to achieve within your first 70 days, listed in your Start-Up Guide. Each level will earn you free product credit, a certificate of achievement and a pin. When you achieve Level 3, you’ll also have your name in the monthly newsletter AND on the Wall of Excellence at the Scentsy home office!

★ You must have $150 PRV in ONE month out of every three months in order to remain ACTIVE

★ Explore your workstation…click on everything and read as much as you can! There are videos in the “Training Center” link you’ll see at the upper-right corner of your workstation…click on “New Consultant Training” to start. There are also great pieces of information under the “Resources” tab in your workstation – click on “New Consultant Training”. Specifically, review the “Start-Up Guide” (you’ll also receive this in your kit).

★ You will receive your Personal Website (PWS) for three months for FREE! After that, it’s a minimal investment (and tax write-off) of $10/month. Customize your website by adding your photo and personal story through your workstation (home page/edit my personal website).

★ Scentsy Family Store is a great resource for becoming a walking, talking, driving advertisement for your business. There are wonderful products and business tools available. Within your workstation, click on “orders” tab, then “Scentsy Family StoreOrder” and you can “view all” products. Plus, FREE shipping with every $30 order!

★ You will receive your Scentsy Family Visa Debit card in the mail shortly. Your card will be funded with your commissions on the 10th of each month (from the prior month sales). Please click on “Scentsy Family Pay Portal” in the upper right corner of your workstation to read the FAQ’s and familiarize yourself with the way our payment program works.

★ The catalog changes every six months – new catalogs are released in March (Spring/Summer) and September (Fall/Winter) of each year.

★ There is a weekly team meeting online at 9pm EST every single Tuesday. The link will be posted on our team page. A great time for training, Q & A, recognition and FUN!

★ Don’t be afraid to recruit! Building your team is vital to your success! You and your new recruits can both learn together! I, of course, am here for both you and your growing team!

★ I’m here for you! Facebook Messenger/Texting/calling is the best way to immediately reach me…however, please do give me 24 hours to respond…as I may be partying or spending time with my family.

★ Scentsy Family’s Consultant Support is also here to help! Their number is 1-877-855-0617. If I am unavailable, please feel free to call them with your questions/concerns.

Action Steps

With Your Kit Comes Training, Here are Some Immediate Action Steps

  • Understand your job description. It consists of only 3 little things. Love the products, Share the products and find other people to share the products too.

  • I loved hearing about your why. Email me and tell me why you decided to join Scentsy. This helps me understand what I can do to help you achieve your goals.

  • Make your list of 100 immediately. List all the people you know and don't be judgmental of who may or may not love Scentsy. You never know. 10 friends, 10 relatives, 10 neighbors, 10 acquaintances and 10 people surrounding children is 50 already.

  • Put stars next to people who may need a girls night, who love to entertain or might need some extra cash.

  • Pick a date for your launch party IMMEDIATELY!!! I usually tell people to pick two days. Like a Tuesday/Thursday or a Saturday/Sunday. This way you can invite everyone and if there is a day they can't come, there is a back up party for people who can't make the first one.

  • The launch parties should focus on bookings and sharing Scentsy with people who might want to start their own business. Don't worry so much about selling products. GET YOUR CALENDAR FULL!

  • Try to book your 2 launch parties, 2 parties from your launch parties and 2 outside bookings. This will give you 6 in the next 4-6 weeks and will get your business booming. Scentsy parties are sooooo easy. Be sure to watch the training in your workstation to see JUST HOW EASY they can be. ": )

First Goals to Achieve:

  1. Have a Launch Party and Enter Your First Orders
  2. Sell 500 PRV in the first 15 days (From the date you sign up) and earn the Shooting Star Enhancement kit for $200. This is $350 worth of extra products to help with your business
  3. Scentsational Start Level 1, 2 or 3 in the first 70 days. Review your Startup Guide for details
  4. Promote from Escential Consultant to Certified by selling your first 1000 PRV. This will get your a title rank advancement and also a 5% increase on sales
  5. Recruit your First Team member in the first 90 days. Learn together. This can be your Scentsy buddy. You will forever have memories you will cherish.

Sample Script to call people you know:

Hi _____________________, this is ____________, Would you consider helping me get my new business of the ground. I am super excited about Scentsy and I would love for you to host one of my easy Girls Night out parties. If you book a party and help me this one time, I promise I will never bug you again to book a party. If you want to book one ever again, it will be because you asked me.


1) Make a list of 100 people you know so you can start sharing Scentsy with them and inviting them to your party

2) Read your start up guide from front to back and become familiar with the Shooting Star and Scentsational Start Awards

3) Upload a picture to your website and write you Scentsy story, even if it's a short one right now, tell the world why you joined

4) Find a friend and get them to join your team... being a consultant is even more fun with a friend!

5) Pick a date for your launch party-- make sure it’s within the first 15 days so you earn shooting star!

6) Visit the training center of workstation and learn how to enter an order

7) Write down your goals and what you'll do with your Scentsy money, no matter how big or small!

8) Become familiar with the Scentsy catalog - the more you know the products, the more comfortable you'll be

9) Do one training call per week to keep learning new things and keep the motivation going!

10) Have fun and ask lots of questions!

Personal Scentsy Website

This website is the main communication from the Home Office. You will want to take some time to look around this website. You can track it in your work station under orders. You can also take a look at the Training area while you wait. This has great information in regards to the How To's of the business. The site is www.workstation.scentsy.com The Consultant ID is on your confirmation email and the password is your password you set up when you joined.

You have a Personal Scentsy Website:

Your site address is on your final join confirmation when you joined. (www._______________________.scentsy.com) When you first go to your site, you will see the way it looks to your customers. You will have this website for FREE for your first 3 months (After which, you will be charged $10.00 per month) Your website has the catalog, the Warmer of the Month and anything your customers will need to view to place orders.

The Wickless Sparklers Team Facebook Group

If you have not been already added, please log in to our Facebook Group page at www.Facebook.com/groups/WicklessSparklers . This is VERY IMPORTANT and will be your hub command center for Scentsy information

It is a great way to know about current happenings and shout outs to fellow team members. It’s motivational and fun to see how everyone is doing.

Your Support System

You'll find that all of your team members, sponsors and directors are concerned with helping you succeed with Scentsy. You may get emails from various people in our upline.

Our Scentsy Family is as follows:

Becca Levie (Super Star Director)

Jen Audette (Super Star Director)

Jill McCarthy (SuperStar Director)

You Are Never Bugging Me!

My contact information including my name, telephone number and e-mail address is everywhere, contact me anytime. I answer emails almost immediately and happy to help any way I can. I am truly so excited for you.

Let me know if you have any questions about Shooting Star or planning your launch party. Call me or text me any time 9543044486.

I can’t wait to see where you Scentsy takes you. The possibilities are endless.

Business Action Steps

1. Join the Maine Stars Positive Chat page on Facebook. That is our Super Star Director, Jen Audettes team page and has great information.


2. Be sure to enter all your contacts in the newsletter section of your workstation. This newsletter will go out to all your customers.

3. Get on your workstation under orders and get your new business cards so you can start handing them out.

4. If you would like to get an email signature. Go to www.prettycoolemailtool.com Click on the Scentsy link and get a personalized email signature.

Point of Contact & Reminder

As your sponsor, I am your direct point of contact and I am here to help you.

My goal is to provide you with tools so that you are the best consultant and sponsor possible. I'll be calling you to welcome you in the next day or two just to say hi and yell CONGRATULATIONS!!!! but if you need me in the mean time, please don't hesitate.

Again, just take all the information one step at a time. Don't hesitate to call, facebook or text me with any questions. You are never "bugging" me. I will make time to walk you through everything and help you.

Don't wait for your kit to arrive. There are plenty of things for us to help you get started. Get started right away. Don't let the emotion of joining and ordering your kit settle. Keep the momentum and you will do amazing!! I adore my team and I can't wait to travel this journey with you.

My facebook profile is https://www.facebook.com/JillSusanMcCarthy Make sure you friend me so we can chat :) I am a big tweeter as well as I do Social Media full time so come tweet with me@jilleysue. I tweet tons of motivational things.

You'll find I will be your best friend, your biggest cheerleader and a great coach but I also will push you to do you best. This product is easy to sell but you must commit to action and making your dreams come true. There is no sugar coating with me. Once you get your kit, you don't open it and money comes magically pouring out of it. You must work at it. Read new books, feed your brain, commit to growth, better communication, self improvement and things will line up and fall in place.

I can't wait to travel this journey with you and see your dreams come true. Truly! This is going to be amazing.

Be sure to check the next email for the New Consultant Getting Started Training.


Jill McCarthy, Super Star Director