The League

By Anthony Costilla

The League sumarry

This book was first published on Sep, 10 2013. The genre is fiction. This book is about a boy who likes this girl, Evan, but she likes this football player name Brian, so Wyatt try's to get stronger and he knows that golf camp isn't going to make him any stronger. But when he ask his parents they said it's to dangerous. But out of no where Aaron there older brother ask him does he want to join the League of pain, the most toughest, roughest sport of all time. Tackle football without any equiment.

Wyatt knows that football is what he loves, so joins. But the only catch was that Wyatt wouldn't be going to golf camp, while his parents think he is ,but instead plays football. And Aaron made up that he joined that picked up trash. The League of pain had only two teams that faced one was the idiots ,and the others morons. Wyatt first time joining played wide out, but every time the ball was threw at him he would duck and evade the hit. Finally after a while Wyatt was getting real good at the game. And was apart of the group. His best friend Fraincs was into golf and he had to tell him that he couldn't join because his family's had problems with the stock.

Wyatt parents was starting to catch on what was happening, because his Dad went to see Wyatt, but Wyatt wasn't there. So when he came home Wyatt made up that he was in the bathroom. One day Wyatt was with Evan at the movies and Evan wanted two candy bars, so Wyatt stole one but Evan screamed at Evan to turn it back, so he did. Wyatt did this because his friends had did this when they wanted candy. Wyatt then realized that he didn't knew who he was. One day there parents came to see Wyatt at golf camp but couldn't find him and asked why he wasn't there, so wyatt made up that they had left golf camp early to get some pizza. But Aaron said," ask Wyatt what do, he seen what I do." Wyatt parents asked how could he see you he would be at golf camp, wait did you left golf camp early twice? That is when Wyatt broke and told them everything .

The Next day Wyatt wasn't aloud to see the fireworks with Evan. Aaron and Wyatt had to pick up trash for a whole month. Dad had said "that you could play the last game of football if you wanted to. But Wyatt remembered that his dad would be at the family golf course. Wyatt had ran over there, but it was too late. Francis was getting bullied by Spencer a friend of Wyatt because Spencer wanted a hot dog. Francis and them was going to fight but Wyatt walked in and said so you guys want a hot dog, and became friends. Wyatt ended up signing up for football his mom wasn't that happy about it, so Wyatt made her pick out the equiment.

Setting and the characters

The setting is in a small town, like this one. With parks and a lot of land to run on, with fun stuff around, like a pool, golf camp, football. The setting effects the plot because if there wasn't a lot of room to play football, that had to be around one hundred yards. The Morons and the Idiots teams wouldn't be able to play football, which would mean Wyatt wouldn't learn that, you have to fight for what you love, and that was football.

The Protagonist is Wyatt, Wyatt is the protagonist because he is the main character. The Antagonist is Wyatt's mom and dad. The antagonist is Wyatt's dad and mom because they cause conflict with Wyatt plan, so they are the antagonist. Mom is over protected I know this because on page 34 Wyatt wanted to join football Mom said no because she was to scared that Wyatt was going to get hurt. This is how I know Mom is over protected. Dad is forgiving, I know this because it says on page 184 that, Dad knew that Wyatt was lying about playing football when he was surppose to join golf camp. This is on page 204-205 Dad made Wyatt do what ever he wanted, whether to play the last game of football or go golfing with him. This is how I know that Dad is forgiving. Wyatt is brave I know that Wyatt is brave because on page 55 Wyatt called up Spencer, who is a bully and is trying to figure how tattle-tale on him. Wyatt did it and called Spencer on the cell phone and and said. "I was the one who tattle tale on you and I'm going to teach you a lesson." This is how I know Wyatt is brave.

The point of view from the story the League is told in is from Wyatt's eyes. This is important because if, lets just say Aaron was telling the story we wouldn't have a great understanding why did Wyatt wanted to join football and not golf camp. But sense it was told in Wyatt's point of view we knew why Wyatt wanted to join football and not golf camp.

Some Pictures of the League

The Leauge


The difanicon of conflict is a serious of disagreement or arguments between one another or nature, government. There are two major conflicts in this book, one is that Evan likes this kid name Brian he is very good at football and could go pro, and very strong. Wyatt likes Evan so Wyatt tries to impress her by playing football to get stronger and be good at a sport like Joe, but not golf. This is a conflict because Wyatt likes Evan, but Evan likes Brian. This conflict is a internal conflict. Another major conflict is that Wyatt wants to join football but his dad wants him to join golf camp. Wyatt acts like he playing golf at golf camp, but he is actually playing football with Aaron and his friends. This conflict is a external conflict.

The theme of this story is never give up on what you love. I know this is the theme of this book because, Wyatt dad wants Wyatt to play golf, but Wyatt wants to play football, so Wyatt lies to play what he loves and risk everything, because he loves football and won't stop trying to play it. This is how I know how this is the theme of the story.