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pharaohs of egypt

Menes {Narmer}

Menes wanted to unify upper and lower Egypt.


the first pyramid {step} funerary complex


as a builder of bent pyramid, and as a builder of red pyramid.

Khufu [Cheops]

the monuments that were built to him.

Ahmose of thebes

of the Thebes descaled himself king and drove the hykos out of Egypt Ahmose then ruled all of Egypt.

Thutmose 3

he died young leaving throne to Thutmose{111] his son by another woman.


Hatsheput was married to the pharaoh Thutmose{11]her half brother.


the tomb was filled with treasure including boxes of jewelry, robes, a burly mask, and ivory statues.

Ramses 2 - Ramses the great

fought the Hitties a group from Asia minor. the two powers fought fairly for years.

Alexander the great

Macedonian ruler, he was one of the greatest military commanders in history.

the Nile river is the biggest river in the world

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