Science Of Industry

Science is everywhere

Science of Industry

Over the summer I went to the Museum Of Science of Industy. I saw living organsisms, robots, Wind tunnel tornados, blood cells, and other scientific things. My pictures represent earth and physical science because I saw chicks hatch, I ran on a hampster wheel, and I saw stood in a makeshift tornado.

Interesting part of my trip

The most interesting part of my trip was when we went through a maze of mirrors. The exihbit was all about patterns. Inside you were able to go through a huge a maze of mirrors that led to another exihbit about patterns. It was very exciting because you didn't know if you were going to run into a wall. We always had to put our hands out. One second you see someone in the mirrors really far away, and the next second you find then right behind the mall. It's a very interesting mind game.

About Me

I play sports and like to hangout with friends. I like to do projects very much. Escpecially with groups.