November 11, 2021

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Winter COVID-19 Guidance

Minnesota's COVID-19 cases are at high levels. As winter approaches and activities move indoors, please review the Updated COVID-19 Guidance linked below and work with your programs to implement health and safety protocols that will keep students safe and allow activities and sports to continue.

Updates within the guidance include:

  • Updated language regarding the need to follow site-specific COVID requirements
  • Strong recommendations for notifications of close contacts and testing for those with close contact to a confirmed case.


This document is also available under COVID Resources on the right side of your dashboard.

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The Checklist has been introduced through LEAD Network as a regular feature.

For those unable to tune in live to LEAD, recordings are available. See the LEAD Network page on the right side of your Activities Director Dashboard.

This week's recording is also available below.

MSHSL LEAD November 9, 2021
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Bylaw 107-MSHSL Sports Medicine Advisory Committee Interpretation

Bylaw 107 identifies the requirement for each student to have a Sports Qualifying Physical Examination (SQFE) and also requires a physician to clear any athletes who have had a major surgery or serious illness or injury. The following interpretation was established by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee at their November 5, 2021 meeting.

Bylaw 107.02 After major surgery or serious illness or injury, the attending physician must certify in writing the student’s readiness to return to competition.

The following Interpretation was provided by the MSHSL Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

For return to participation following a major surgery or serious illness or injury that requires medical evaluation or surgery, the attending physician must certify that the student athlete is medically eligible to resume practice and competition. Return to participation may be a graduated process with return to training followed by a return to competition. The attending physician is the physician of record who is treating the student athlete and managing the recovery. The attending physician may be changed through a formal transfer of care to a board-certified physician working within their scope of practice.

Transfer of care for return to participation (medical eligibility) during MSHSL contests or in sectional and state tournaments is not allowed without a physician to physician sign off.

This information has been posted to the AD Dashboard on the Eligibility Resources page linked on the right side.

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Updated Female Wrestling Weight Permit

The Female Wrestling Weight Permit form has been updated for 2021-2022. It is available under the Blue Wrestling accordion from your School AD Dashboard.
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HomeTown Ticketing Webinar

Looking to get a little extra time back in your day? Attend our official digital ticketing partner, HomeTown Ticketing’s webinar to find out how we can save you time. HomeTown will be joined by a few current Athletic Directors and Ticketing Coordinators who use the available integrations to streamline their event creation process. There will be an opportunity to ask the HomeTown team and the panelists questions as well!

In December HomeTown will be sharing tips on how to generate additional revenue. You can register for both of these webinars by clicking the link below.

The webinar will be online and you can attend both or just one of the remaining webinars.

On November 17 the Panelists will include Sheree Webb: McKinney Christian Academy, Matt Comstock: Bellefontaine High School, and Jerry Collins: Webster Groves High School.


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MSHSL Foundation Form A Grant Application

Activities Administrators are encouraged to complete the MSHSL Foundation Grant A Application and Resolution at this time.

On October 14, 2021, the MSHSL Foundation Board approved the designation of $450,000 to be allocated through the Form A Grant process. The Form A Grant process allocates funds to schools based on the unduplicated number of participants who qualify for educational benefits including free and reduced meals. School personnel have been informed of the process for Form A and are encouraged to complete grant applications. Visit for grant application forms and instructions.

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2021-2022 Triple ‘A’ Nomination Form Available

The Nomination Form for the 2021-2022 Triple ‘A’ Award is now available on the Triple ‘A’ page of the MSHSL website. The nomination form is available as a Microsoft Word document or a fillable PDF (it will not work in Google Docs).

The Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award, commonly known as the Triple 'A' Award, honors high school seniors throughout the state who have a 3.0 or higher-grade point average and who participate in League-sponsored athletic and fine arts activities. Please check with your Administrative Region Secretary for your region’s deadline date for nomination forms and the submission process.

To be eligible for the Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award a student must:

  • be a high school senior at the time of nomination. Schools may nominate one senior boy and one senior girl for this award.
  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of nomination.
  • participate in at least one League-sponsored athletic program and one League-sponsored arts/activity program.
  • comply with the MSHSL's Student Code of Conduct
  • complete the application form and submit it to the administrative region secretary by the deadline date specified by the region committee.

Questions about this program can be directed to Amie Ince at

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Repeat: State Tournament Participation Certificates

Member Schools are able to prepare and print needed State Tournament Participation certificates.

State Tournament Certificates is available on School dashboards. On this page,

you'll find instructions and templates to print State Tournament Participation Certificates for teams or individuals from your school who participate in MSHSL State Tournaments.

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Online Ticketing

All MSHSL State Tournament Tickets will be sold online. Please work with your schools, teams and communities to share this message.

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