Josh's Poems

In Mrs. Leinen's 4th grade class 2012-13

Diamante Poem- Luna and Clarisse

Luna Lovegood

Smart and Funny

hides, fights, follows,

Diadem, Ravenclaw, Sword, Ares

Hits, kicks, struggles,

annnoying mean

Clarisse La Rue

Acrostic- My Dog Alley

Always at the door

Leaping at my brother

Like a kid she somtimes annoys dad.

Eat a rock, at the emergency hospital


Haiku- The Stolen Car

The car was stolen

in the town of Bloomington

they found it in town

Couplet poems! (3)

1. When I was in Utah

Mom got hit by a paw.

2. I wonder if the man on the moon

in its lifetime ever had a spoon

3. In the blue sky

I saw a fly.

My Bio Poem (ME!)


Who is smart, funny, kind, friendly

Son of Gale and Pam

Lover of Books and Dogs

Who fears spiders and snakes

Who needs Books and Music

Giver of kindness and fun

Who would like to see Alaska and Scotland

Resident of Shelby


Limerick! The Weird Guy

There was a weird guy

Who lived in a pie

He stumbled down

To the ground

and a fly moved in to the pie

Shape Poem Balloon

Bouncy, hot air, blue, red, orange, yellow, birthday, Valentine's

party, Easter, hold, hold, hold, hold, string, string, string, Holiday,

fun, green, colorful, play float.