Partly Cloudy

by: Carter 3rd period

Movie Moment

Nimbus likes his job, but he is not the best at it.


Nimbus gives Stork dangerous gifts, and Stork keeps getting attacked by the gifts.

Person vs. person


Characters: Cloud guy aka Nimbus, he makes the gifts. Stork, he delivers the gifts.

Setting: In the sky, in daytime.

Rising actions

Event 1: Nimbus gives the Stork a dangerous Crocodile.

Event 2: Nimbus gives the Stork a baby ram and the ram keeps attacking the Stork.

Event 3: Nimbus gives the Stork a porcupine.


The Stork leaves Nimbus and Nimbus gets mad and starts making storms, then the Stork returns.

Falling Actions

Event 1: Stork returns with protection for himself, so he won't get hurt by Nimbus' gifts.

Event 2: Nimbus ironically gives the Stork an electric eel.


Stork and Nimbus work together forever to deliver gifts.