Clone wars.

How real can this be?

When I first started....

The first clone was made in 1996, for dolly the sheep. Critics argued about the health of the progeny, their identity and, for those so inclined, the spiritual dimensions. Though the science wasn't right, technology wasn't up to speed where the rest of the world so, people couldn't clone other people

What do you need to make human clones?

All you really need to make human clothes with are Totipotent cells. They are the most versatile of all stem cells. A single one can develop into an embryo with a placenta, and hence give rise to a fully formed animal -- in other words, a clone. The researchers do not use the word "totipotent" and have no stated intention of cloning a human. But the research seems to have reopened the possibility -- and the questions that go with it.

What clones may look like:

Will the clones ever turn on us?

What will happen in the future?

Such antics would poison the promise of this advance before it even begins. This is an area where passions run high, and consensus will be hard to find. So the time is ripe for renewed discussion of the uses of stem cell technologies. We should make a clear-eyed start on it now.

Is this good thing or bad?

No one will really ever know until we try....