Work Experience

Year 10


Work experience is the perfect opportunity to adventure further into your career exploration journey. Click on the following links to guide you in the work experience processes at Woolooware High School.

What you gain from Work Experience will primarily depend on you and the effort you put into the opportunities that are presented to you. It is an opportunity to investigate potential career pathways while building your network and broadening your life experiences.

It is an opportunity not to miss!


Now that you have decided to participate in the Work Experience program and have chosen a profession that you would like to further explore, you will need to find a host employer. The following are some strategies and links that you can utilise to assist you in this process

  • Use search engines on the internet to find employers, in the area, that you may be able to contact.
  • Family, friends and friends of friends are your contacts who may be willing and able to accept you in their business for Work Experience.
  • Explore the 'work experience database' below for some suggestions
  • Once you know where you would like to do your work experience you will need to make contact with them. This may be in person, phone or email. You may gain ideas from the 'sample letter of application' in the link below.


Once you have found an employer who is willing to take you on for work experience you will need to:


  • Download the Student Placement Record, complete your section and send it to the employer. This email to the employer MUST also include: Employer Information Guide, Employer Additional Information and Completion of Student Placement Record documents, provided below.

(NOTE: IMPORTANT - employer section must be filled in without any sections missing and cannot include N/A or NIL. It will not be accepted otherwise).

  • If you will be travelling in a vehicle with your employer you will also need the additional, Vehicle Travel with Host Employer, form completed.

(You can also pick up hard copies of these, if required, in the careers office).

  • Insurance Certificate has been provided below for employers who ask for this information. This will be updated at the beginning of every financial year.

  • Download and forward the Parent and Carer Information Guide and the Additional Information for Parents and Carers documents to the appropriate person for you.

(You can also pick up hard copies of these, if required, in the careers office).


If you are considering participating in Work Experience that requires accommodation away from home, you will need to see Mrs Desrets in person.

All forms must be submitted To Mrs Desrets, two weeks prior to the commencement of your Work Experience.

Once you have completed your forms and submitted them to Mrs Desrets, it is essential that you complete the Work Experience Confirmation form below.


Student Placement Records MUST be submitted two weeks prior to commencement of Work Experience to Mrs Desrets in the careers office. Please ensure each page has been completed and signed. There should be three signatures: student signature, parent signature and employer signature.

All students will participate in Work Experience Readiness program through the Year 10 My Future PDHPE, course prior to placement (unless special circumstances are discussed and permitted).

Safety Certificate must be submitted with the Student Placement Record. This certificate will be completed in Year 10 My Future program. If you have not yet completed this please see the link below.

Read the Placement Checklist below and ensure you have completed all the necessary steps to be permitted to partake in Work Experience.

One week before the start of your work experience, phone your employer:

  • Re-introduce yourself, check your placement is still convenient, check on your contact person's name and organise a time and place to meet on your first morning.
  • Ask if there are any dress requirements that you will be required to adhere to.
  • Ask if there is a Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements (some employers may require you to complete WHS documents).

During Work Experience, remember:

  • Be punctual, be polite, be co-operative and most of all be enthusiastic! If you find yourself with nothing to do, ask if there is anything that needs to be done - use your initiative!
  • If your have any concerns or there are any problems that arise during your placement please call Mrs Desrets at school on 9523-6752.
  • Remember, if you cannot attend Work Experience for any reason, you must contact both the school and the employer on the morning of your absence. A note explaining your absence must be handed in at school, as per normal procedure, on your first day back after Work Experience.
  • Remember to ask if the employer is able to complete the Employer Evaluation Form below. You will need to get this back off them at the completion of your placement. Not only is this invaluable when writing and preparing future job applications but is also useful in self reflection and evaluation of your experience.

During your Work Experience placement, Mrs Desrets will either visit you in the workplace or phone your employer for some feedback regarding your participation. Mrs Desrets will organise this directly with your employer.


Once you have completed your Work Experience please follow the steps below before coming to see Mrs Desrets:

  • Send an email to your work experience employer thanking them for the experience.
  • Submit your Self Evaluation Form to Mrs Desrets.
  • Submit your Evaluation of Work Experience to Mrs Desrets.
  • Complete your Work Experience Story, summarising your experience.

Once you have successfully completed all the steps listed above, you will receive a Work Experience Certificate for your resume. If you have not completed all the steps listed, you will not receive recognition of your participation.