Save America! Save the World!

Germany, Japan, and Russia all want world domination!

The ongoing Tyranny!

Germany, Japan, and Russia believe they race is the ultimate super-race. With this ideology they want to kill off all other races and control the world. America must stop them from controlling the world. All men, women, and children can help the war cause. Find jobs in factories, enlist in the war, buy war bonds. Anything will help America stop these tyrants.

More Terror

The Slaughter

These three dictators are responsible for the slaughter of millions. Everyday they kill more and more people. Hitlers fascist ideas led to the slaughter of millions of Jews. Hideki Tojo's ideas led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the killing of U.S. soldiers. Josef Stalin's communistic ideas have been slowly starving people to death, taking peoples' belongings, and killing anyone who speaks out against him.

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