Economic News Investigation

By Destiny Andrew

China calls on North Korea

China grows increasingly worried about the actions of their ally, North Korea. North Korea wants to make a space program or possible nuclear test to which China greatly disapproves saying "We call on all sides to adopt a responsible attitude toward the peninsula as well as the region of Northeast Asia, and never again take any new action that could lead to tensions in the situation there."

The U.S. and South Korea are making 'frantic' efforts to stop the program but in 2012 North Korea launched a satellite up into space, and they also announced that they are reopening their atomic testing. China visited south Korea but did not visit North Korea, later when asked China says that "They think their influence is waning on North Korea or it doesn't have the influences it did in the past."

This relates to our class with trade, because the U.S trades with China and if China would, per say agree with North Korea on their nuclear testing than the U.S might pull back on trading with China.

Global Gender Gap Is Closing In Many Areas, But Not Fast Enough

Gender Gap

Woman are starting to have a say in the workforce, healthcare, political engagement, economics and education. Although they still fall behind men, there is still a large enough gap to notice but it's closing in but, not fast enough. On education woman still lag behind men but it's narrow, even at the university level where woman outrank men in at least a 100 countries.

A forum is generally released each year indicating that Northern Europe has closed the gap between woman and men in education and health. Although America dropped six places and ended up 28th out of 145 countries.

This relates to class because it is inequality, woman get paid less than men.

Your Pill Is Printing

The FDA has now approved a new idea for creating a pill, which comes out of a 3d printer. This pill that treats seizures and epilepsy was created by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals. It is said that this way and this drug has provided that pill to dissolve more quickly when taken by mouth, which makes it easier to swallow.

Another benefit that this method of drug making has is it allows a higher dosage, up to 1,000 mg, in a single dose.

This is an amazing new way to create new things or ideas because this 3d printing is available. It relates to class because it involves innovation, to create new ideas and bring them to life.

It relates to class because it's creating new ideas for the future and the more ideas one can come up with the more 'advance' we can get.

Trump, involved with the mafia or not?

There are some people accusing Trump of tying himself with the mafia to build his buildings and have the Trump franchises. There is a book someone wrote that's called "Trump: The Deals and Downfall." They say Trump is intertwined with the underworld since it states when the mafia owned most of the construction in the 1990's that Trump build his casino by using concrete instead of steel when the mafia owned the concrete industry.

Trump also has a steady relationship with a Scarfo's investment banker. He was also investigated by the FBI but all was dropped as no charges were pressed against Trump. Although many people are questioning how Trump got all his money he has today.

This relates to class because sometimes the Mafia deals with the blackmarket which can hurt the economy.

Robot vs. Human labor

So basically its about how robots are taking over human labor jobs. This can be a big deal because people lose their jobs over technology, in a recent article it's saying that robots are being made at a faster pace and are being used to create many things. To clean houses, make food, make toys, and make more efficient in the jobs. Many people are very worried that robots are taking their job and that they will not have a job in the future because of this.

But there is also an upside to this, it can also create jobs because people need to make the robot, manage them, and make them more efficient. It's also good because we have self driving cars that can help the blind and elderly people who need to get somewhere but are unable with todays cars.

It relates to the class because robots can be a good investments because you can buy it and then pay it off in the later years and still gain money because it doesn't have salary because it's not a human. More money to make the less it costs to run the company, the less it costs to run the company the cheaper to make the product prices for other people. It attracts more people to it.