WINTER PARK BAND Weekly Newsletter

December 6, 2020


Concert Band Recording Session

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 2-3:30pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Winter Video Recording Session. Please see below in this Newsletter for details.

Freshman Jazz Band Recording Session

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 4-5:30pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Winter Video Recording Session. Please see below in this Newsletter for details.

Jazz Ensemble II Recording Session

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 7-8:30pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Winter Video Recording Session. Please see below in this Newsletter for details.

Jazz Ensemble I Recording Session

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 3-4:30pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Winter Video Recording Session. Please see below in this Newsletter for details.

Symphonic Band Recording Session

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 5-6:30pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Winter Video Recording Session. Please see below in this Newsletter for details.

Wind Symphony Recording Session

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 7-8:30pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL

Winter Video Recording Session. Please see below in this Newsletter for details.


From Mr. Clemente

Dear Winter Park Band families,

Congratulation to the "Sound of the Wildcats" on their performance at this Saturday's Winter Park Christmas Parade! Thank you to everyone for continuing to follow our health and safety guidelines, and thank you to all of our parent volunteers and our Chaperone Coordinator Robyn Fodor for your time and effort. The students did a wonderful job all around, and especially kudos to the 9th graders and new marchers who performed on only their 2nd day of marching and playing. We can confidently say that while the marching band portion of the year is finished and was a fall unlike any other, the "Sound of the Wildcats" continued to perform at a high level.

This week, the Band will be holding our Winter Recording Sessions. The sessions will take place outdoors in the Bus Loop on the northwest corner of campus, behind the Auditorium. Please see all details below in this Newsletter regarding schedule, dress, and audience participation. We are looking forward to finally having everyone together to create recordings for everyone to enjoy.

The Orchestra Winds and Percussion Recording Session has been moved to Monday, December 14. Remember, Orchestra Winds and Percussion are a select group of students from the Wind Symphony that perform with the strings to create the Park Philharmonic Orchestra.

Next week, the Color Guard will be holding their Winter Showcase. Keep an eye out for more details to come this week.

Let's have a great week!

Mr. Clemente


From the Band Booster President

Newsletter December 6, 2020

Hello band families. The band looked/sounded great on Saturday—very festive!! Thank you to OPS for getting the trailer parade-ready also!!! Please note the events on the band calendar this week and stay tuned in case there are any changes. Thank you all for being flexible this year. It has been different but so appreciate everyone working together to allow things to run smoothly. I can’t wait to hear the different ensembles playing (even if differently) this year. Thank you to Mr. Clemente and Mr. Smith for making it all workable. Thank you everyone! Have a wonderful week.



In lieu of attempting to hold a Winter Concert, this year the 6 ensembles of the Winter Park Band will be making recordings of pieces that each would play on a traditional end of the first semester performance. These performances will be both recorded in both a video and an audio format, and will be made available to our Band families at no cost.

In order to have the highest quality recordings, we are striving to have as close to 100% participation as possible. LaunchED students are welcome and encouraged to join us for these recording sessions. The more full our ensembles are for the recording, the more complete our recordings will turn out. Students will be masked at all times when not actively playing their instrument, and seated at the recommended safe distance outside in the Bus Loop. If a LaunchED student, and their family, is still not comfortable performing on campus, they will need to complete an alternate assignment as outlined on Canvas. These recording sessions (or the alternate assignment) will count as a grade in the "Performance" category of the grade book (50% of the student's overall grade for the marking period).

UNIFORM: Since the Recording Sessions will take place outdoors, we have adjusted the dress to suit the cooler temperatures forecast for this week. The student uniform for these recording sessions will be as follows:

  • ALL STUDENTS - Comfortable outdoor clothing for cooler weather. Festive prints and patterns are recommended and encouraged, but not required. Jeans, no sweatpants. Festive hats that were worn for the Winter Park Christmas Parade. Light gloves. All articles of clothing must be school appropriate, and align with the dress code


  • Wednesday, December 9: Concert Band Video Recording Session, 2 - 3:30 PM

  • Wednesday, December 9: Freshman Jazz Band Video Recording Session, 4 - 5:30 PM

  • Wednesday, December 9: Jazz Ensemble II Video Recording Session, 7 - 8:30 PM

  • Thursday, December 10: Jazz Ensemble I Video Recording Session, 3 - 4:30 PM

  • Thursday, December 10: Symphonic Band Video Recording Session, 5 - 6:30 PM

  • Thursday, December 10: Wind Symphony Video Recording Session, 7 - 8:30 PM

In alignment with OCPS health and safety guidelines, each student is permitted to have (no more than) 2 persons attend their recording session(s) as audience members. Each audience member is required to adhere to all masking and physical distancing guidelines on OCPS property. Audience members are asked to bring their own chairs.

If any of the ensembles are forced to cancel their recording session due to inclement weather, we will attempt to record again on Wednesday, December 16, at a time after school TBD.



Thank you to all who placed an order for butter braid! All orders and money were accurate and made it a very smooth process. Thank you!

All orders will need to be picked up next Wednesday, December 16th. The window for pickup is from 3:30-6 at the Band room. Please remember to wear a mask when you come. Even if you placed an online order, ALL orders must be picked up that day. The pastry is perishable and my freezer can't hold them all! See you next week!

Heather Ribaric

Fundraising Chair



Whether a student is learning a musical instrument to pursue a career in music, or simply for personal musical fulfillment and recreation, private lessons are one of the best investments that a parent can provide for their musical child. When working with a private teacher, students receive one-on-one instruction from a professional musician who specializes on that instrument.

​Unlike a full band rehearsal experience, studying with a private teacher focuses in on the student’s individual needs. Students who study privately once a week from a professional musician are usually those who excel and find Band more enjoyable. These students frequently earn positions in honor groups like All-State and All-County, and make entry into our more advanced bands like Wind Symphony and Jazz Ensemble I. Some even go on to earn college scholarships, even if they are not majoring in music!

By following the link below, you will find a list of local private teachers. This list is not exhaustive, and there may be other individuals who are not on the list. If you know a private teacher who should be added (or would like to be deleted), please contact Mr. Clemente at




We understand that a number of our students are working through tech issues on their end, and understand that those issues take time to resolve. Our technology is by no means perfect, and issues will be inevitable. However, students must be going through the proper channels with the school to attempt to remedy these issues as quickly as possible. No student should be at home on LaunchED with a camera not working or a microphone issue having not been proactive in seeking a solution. We have received emails from the school's tech department concerning individual students who have ongoing issues but were proactive in trying to have them resolved throughout the first two weeks of school. Thank you for your proactivity!

If you are having a technology issue and have not yet reached out to the school about resolution, please email Mr. Steffey at to set up an appointment at school for your computer to be looked at. Email should be sent as soon as you read this!

As a reminder, students are considered present in their LaunchED class if they:

  1. Joined the call before the tardy bell.
  2. Have their camera on the entire class period.
  3. Are able to be seen, face and instrument, in the camera view.
  4. Participate in class from bell to bell.

Students who do not have their camera on for the duration of class, and we have not received an email from the school stating awareness of the issue and work towards it being resolved, will be marked absent.

Thank you for your work to resolve these technology issues!



Monday, December 14: Orchestra Winds and Percussion Recording Session, 3 - 5 PM

Wednesday, December 16: Butter Braid Fundraiser Order Pickup, 3:30 - 6 PM

Thursday, December 17: Color Guard Winter Showcase, 7 PM

Monday, December 21 - Monday, January 4, 2021: Winter Break



Past Due Band Payments

  • Band Registration Fair Share - $25.00 Due 5/5
  • Fair Share Payment 1 - $25.00 Due 8/19
  • Fair Share Payment 2 - $25.00 Due 9/30
  • Jazz Fair Share Payment 1(if applies) - $15.00 Due 9/30
  • School Instrument Semester 1 Maintenance(if applies) - $60.00 Due 9/30
  • Marching Band Shoes - $30.00 Due 11/30

Viewing your Student's Financial Account in Charms:

There is a direct link to Charms in "Quick Links" on the band website.

  • Our school code is winterparkhsband
  • The Student Area Password would be a unique password that either the student or parent have set up. (If you don't know the password it can be reset by one of the band directors).
  • Once you have logged into the Student Area, click on the round, red $ symbol on the top menu bar to view your student's account
  • If your student has earned Band Account Credit (in the Miscellaneous Ledger) this credit can be transferred to pay for many band fees: Fair Share, School Instrument Maintenance, Registration Fees for All-State, All-County and Solo Ensemble.

Requesting a Credit Transfer to pay for Fixed Payments Due:

  • Click on the "Transfer Request" tab just below the round, red $ symbol. Select the fixed payment you would like to pay for using the credit. The request is sent to the band directors and the band booster treasurer.
  • SENIORS: Please check your credit balance and use it accordingly during the year. Credit for Seniors left at the end of the year can only be transferred to siblings.