Why do we forget things?

by: Jasmine Molnar

Theory's on why we can forget things

  • The interference theory-Some memories can compete and interfere with other memories. This can happen when information or memories are similar to each other.
  • The decay theory- A memory trace is formed when you learn something new. After a while, they start ti disappear if you do not go back and relearn it.

Different kinds of memory

  • Declarative memory- facts and knowledge like a capital city or your birthday
  • Episodic memory-memories about your life like your last day of school or your last birthday
  • Procedural memory- Remembering how to ride a bike or how to cook your favorite mean
  • Semantic memory-Concepts you have learned. This type of memory comes in handy when reading
  • Spatial memory- Remembering landmarks, the environment or certain objects

Memory vocabulary

  • Memory trace- when you learn something new
  • Infantile- when you do not remember things from your early life
  • Short-term memory-when you cannot remember things that recently happened

Interesting facts on memory

  • The brain can start remembering things in the womb
  • Short-term memory only lasts 20-30 seconds
  • CLosing your eyes can help you remember things
  • Saving information on a computer can make it less likely to remember
  • There is no limit for how much you can remember