About Us

Greetings! Your child has been selected to play for BT&I U10 Girls Soccer Team this season. The team will be coached by myself (Rusty Ingley) and Cesar Unzueta. The two of us have coached the last three seasons together and I have coached for 2 or three season prior. Our first will be on Monday, September 16 at 5:30 PM at the Lake Wales Soccer Complex on Hunt Bros. Road in Lake Wales (Note: We may practice twice this week). Our practice will be held on one of the practice fields closest to Hunt Bros. Road. I will try and have a sign up. We need every player to make every effort to be there. Also, please start conditioning your child, because we will be doing a lot of running the first few weeks too get our legs used to running and to build up speed. Below are a list of rules & needs.

Team Rules:

  • No Jewelry at practice or games
  • All players must wear shin guards and soccer cleats (practice & games)
  • Bring a water bottle to practice and to games
  • A parent/guardian must stay at the soccer field during practice


  • We need a team mom to help organize snacks and drinks for all games.
  • 1 player to play Goalie. Please discuss with you child and see if she may be interested and let me know ASAP.
  • Texting seems to work best for me to communicate to a group so please let me know which number works best for you (for texting). Thanks!


Our first game is Saturday, September 21st. I do not have a schedule yet, so I am not sure when and where.


Anna Coker

Amelia Ingley

Hattie Lightsey

Jazmin Martinez

Jennifer Moore

Lily O'Neill

Delainey Ream

Ellie Smith

Ellie Unzueta

Lilly Weaver

Jamie White

Shalee Woods