1st Grade News

September 14-18, 2015

Important Dates

September 14- Bring a White T-Shirt ( Use scissors to cut it down the middle)- It will be used as your child's LAB COAT

September 14- TEMI Assessment Starts ( Math Assessment)

September 15-Picture Day

Septmber 15- Texas Road House Night 5-8

September 18- Mav Dad Lunch Day ( Lunch time: 10:45-11:15)

September 18-October 2- DRA Testing (Independent Reading Assessment)

September 21-25- College Week

September 25- Mav Fan Jam

What are we learning?

Weekly Learning Objectives

Please practice: I can arrange words in alphabetical order.

Marc Brown Author Study- Arthur Books

I can make text-to-self connections and explain how the book connects to my life.

I can use punctuation to show expression when I read and write.

I can identify and locate nouns in a sentence.

I can add color words to my writing to describe nouns.

I can use the Scientific Method when conducting experiments,

I can identify and describe the tools a scientist uses. * balance, safety goggles, thermometers, gloves, timer, hand lens, etc.

I can compose (put together) and decompose (take apart) 10.

I can use DOUBLES to solve story problems.

I can use a number line to solve addition and subtraction problems.