Poway High School Academic Planning

2021-2022 Incoming Freshman

Course Requests

The time has come to start preparing for the 2021-22 School Year. In this newsletter, you will find the information you need to fill out a Course Request Form (CRF) and enter your class requests online. Use the information below to aid in the process as you complete the CRF to the best of your ability. Starting in March and going through April, the Counselors will meet with each current 9th-11th grade student during class to review their courses and goals. This means that their availability is extremely limited, so we have set aside some appointments for people who have questions beyond the information they get at 8th Grade Family Night.

8th Grade Family Night

Tuesday, March 16th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Learn information about attending Poway High School for incoming 9th graders. by visiting our 8th Grade Family Night website: bit.ly/PHSwelcome

Student CRF Presentation Live with Counselors

Friday, March 19th, 8-10am

This is an online event.


If you miss the live presentation, you will be able to watch a recording of it at the same link.

Course Request Process for Students from Feeder Schools

Step 1 - Review CRF Materials and Student Transcript

Attend the Middle School CRF Presentation on March 19 for the information about how to fill out the Course Request Form (CRF). You can find academic planning tools and the CRFs on our website here. Students can get their Course History by logging into Synergy from their MyPLAN dashboard.

Use the resources in this newsletter and on our website to roughly sketch out the classes your student will need based on their future goals. We offer some sample 4-year plans below that can map out some of the most common paths our students take.

Step 2 - Complete CRF Worksheet

Complete the CRF worksheet following the instructions below. Be sure to choose classes carefully and provide alternate elective choices. - Note: In high school, priority for classes is given to Seniors, then Juniors, then Sophomores, then Freshmen. Popular electives go quickly, so make sure you have provided your alternate options. Once you have completed the worksheet, make a copy of it, or take a picture of it so you can reference it in the future.

Step 3 - Enter Course Requests Online

Using your completed CRF Worksheet, log into the CRF Online Registration Portal any time between March 17 and March 31 and enter each of your course requests online. Only click the Lock Selections button when you have entered all selections. Once locked, you will not be able to make changes online. You can find instructions for this process below.

Step 4 - Turn In CRF Worksheet

Once you have completed steps 1-3, make sure your CRF Worksheet is signed, with all identifying information legibly written. More information on how to turn in the CRF will be available soon, or you can drop off the CRF at the PHS Main Office or by email to powayhighcounseling@gmail.com at your convenience.

Students will receive their list of courses at Registration the week before school starts in August.

Dates to Remember

3/10 - Engineering Info Night, 7:00 pm, Zoom

3/16 - 8th Grade Family Night, 5:00 pm, Online

3/17 - Online Portal Opens to Enter Course Requests

3/19 - Middle School Student CRF Presentation Live with Counselors 8:00 am

3/23, 24, 26 - CRF Q&A Appointments

3/23 - Band Info Night, 7:00 pm, Zoom

3/31 - Online Portal Closes to Enter Course Requests

Course Request Process for Students with Intra-District Transfers

The District Transfer Window CLOSES 3/31. Make sure you apply before it closes.

Intra-District Transfers

If you are at your middle school on an Intra-District Transfer, you still need to reapply if you do not live in the boundary of the school you want to go to. If you are in the process of getting an Intra-District Transfer, please complete the CRF Worksheet and Online Registration for the school you are slated to attend.


Please complete the CRF Worksheet for the school you are applying for an Intra-District Transfer to attend next year.


At the top of both CRF Worksheets write that you are applying for an Intra-District Transfer and the school you are hoping to attend.


Turn in both worksheets and submit courses online by the due dates.

Example: If you are slated to attend Westview, but would like to come to Poway, You will fill out Westview's Course Request Form and Online Course Selection, then you will also fill out Poway's Course Request Form. At the top of the form(s) write that you applied for an IDT to Poway High. Be sure to submit everything by the due dates.

Inter-District Transfers

If you live outside the Poway Unified boundaries, you can apply for an Inter-District Transfer from the PUSD Office. According to the District Instructions for Inter-District Transfers, you may not know if you are approved until just before school starts in August. Be sure to follow any enrollment/registration requirements for your home school, in case your transfer is denied.

CRF Info Sessions

We will be holding CRF Q&A Sessions via Zoom for those who have questions outside the information provided at 8th Grade Family Night. Appointments will be 10 minutes via the Zoom application.

Tuesday, March 23, 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Wednesday, March 24, 8:00 - 10:00 am

Friday, March 26, 8:00 - 10:00 am

Appointments are first come, first served. To sign up for an appointment, please CLICK HERE.

Course Request Process for New Enrollments

For people who recently moved to our boundaries, or who have been attending a non-PUSD school, your course request process begins with enrolling your student.

What you will need for enrollment:

District Enrollment Paperwork (Available in May on the District Website)

Birth Certificate

Immunization Records

Most recent 8th Grade Report Card

2 Recent Proofs of Residence

Valid Photo ID of Enrolling Parent/Guardian

You can begin that process here.

Key Terms to Understand

CRF (Course Request Form)
The CRF (Course Request Form) is a grade-specific sheet that every student fills out. This form lists the classes students can take during the next school year. We try to accommodate students' preferences, but no elective or off-roll courses are guaranteed. For this reason, please select 3 alternate options on any elective selections. We ask for student and parent signatures to ensure we are all on the same page academically. AP and Honors courses also require a Teacher signature. Note: if the student is planning to move, and won't be attending PHS next year, they should still complete the CRF process as if they will be here. The CRF colors are as follows: 9th Grade - Green, 10th Grade - Pink, 11th Grade - Blue, 12th Grade - Yellow.

AP Agreement
We ask all our students requesting AP courses to turn in an AP Agreement with student and parent signature. This Agreement is an acknowledgement that you are aware of the extra time and effort required of these courses and that the student is making a year-long commitment that includes the AP Seminar course. You can find the AP Agreement here. One AP Agreement covers ALL AP classes, so each student only needs one.

Application/Try Out

Some classes will note that an application or try out is required for entrance to the class. For these classes see the teacher who oversees the class, or for Academic Tutor, request the application from your counselor at your CRF audit.

Master Schedule
The Master Schedule is a schedule of all the classes we offer. It is designed based upon enrollment numbers and the course requests we get from students. We re-build the master schedule every year because the number of students and demand for classes change. We start building the schedule as soon as we find out projected enrollment numbers, but it is not finalized until just before the school year starts in August as we try to accommodate student requests and enrollment changes.

Off Roll
Some students will find that they prefer to lighten their load for various reasons, such as sports, jobs, or other activities. These students can choose an Off Roll period in which they do not attend a class. Students are able to request which trimester and period (1st or 5th) they would prefer. However, because Off Roll periods are secondary to Academic and Elective classes, Off Rolls will be granted where course selections allow. Some students will end up with Off Roll periods in the middle of the day or in a different trimester to accommodate their courses.

5.5 Classes

Some students would like to enrich their education by taking additional courses. 5.5 classes are offered before or after school for a portion of each trimester. You can usually find the 5.5 schedule of classes the second week of a trimester. 5.5 classes have a possibility of 2.5 credits each. To sign up for a 5.5 class, go to the teacher of the 5.5 class and request a contract.

CTE Courses

CTE stands for Career Technical Education. Our CRF now features a CTE Section, so that students are better able to see the CTE Career Pathways we offer on our campus. We are still offering the same great courses, just changing how you see them on the CRF.

The Benefits of Off Roll

In Poway Unified, the graduation requirements were built for a semester system. Here at Poway High, we are on the trimester system. Instead of two semesters with 6 classes (12 classes per year), we have three trimesters with 5 classes (15 classes per year). Though in number, they are taking fewer classes at a time, they are going at a faster pace to get more work done in less time.

This system works really well for students who need to recover classes they weren't successful in and for students who would like to get to higher levels of classes like math and world languages. For students who don't need either of those, Off Roll is ideal.

If a student successfully takes 5 classes per trimester, every trimester, they will end up with 300 credits. They only need 230 to graduate. We are hearing from a lot of seniors that they only need 5 classes their entire senior year. But, the state requires senior students to take AT LEAST 3 classes per day, per trimester, causing a lot of seniors to take electives they don't love.

As mentioned in the previous section, Off Roll is a period where a student does not have a class. Many students are able to take these in first or fifth period, meaning they can come to school late, or leave early. But we have a lot of successful students with Off Roll in the middle of the day. They use that free time on campus to complete homework or study. This is especially helpful for students who have a lot of core classes at once or who are new to the trimester system and not used to the fast pace. Off Roll does not show on a student's transcript, so it does not negatively impact admissions.

Academic Planning Tools

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Elective Fair and Info Nights

For students who are not sure what they might like to take for their electives, we have a couple of ways for them to explore their options. The Electives Fair has gone digital this year. Please visit the website here for descriptions and presentations from teachers.

Also, there are a couple Informational Nights you should watch out for. See the flyers below.

Band Info Night

Band Info Night:

March 23, 7:00 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 210 020 1594
Passcode: phsmusic

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For students who would like to participate in school sports, more information can be found on the Athletics page of our website here. They will have the information you need for Physicals, PE Waivers, and the Ticket to Play.

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