Dietary Laws: Islam

AJ Kret-C

Diatary Laws in the Islamic Religion

There are many different food laws in Islam. Some Laws include not eating pork or any carnivorous animals such as a cheetah, and all other meat must be killed halal style. Halal means the animal is slaughtered by the throat, and the blood is drained before being butchered and cooked. One very popular meat is lamb. Another dietary law is that you may not drink alcohol of any type. Some other things to note about Islam is that many fruits and vegetables are "sacred." Those include dates and figs; Honey and olive oil are considered the medicine of the world. In Islam there is a month of fasting called Ramadan where people do not eat food or drink from sunrise to sunset. Ramadan is a month of prayer to their god Allah. In the Islamic religion there are important dietary laws and special foods that create their special culture. Check out whats on the menu for tonight below!


First Course (appetizer): Harrira Soup

Main Course (entree): Iskender with rice

Last Course (desert): Baklava



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