Internet Safety & CyberCitizenship

Be a good citizen! Edited by Sue Levine TL @staffdevjnkie

Game On: CyberSmart Videos

This is a link to a series of videos covering a wide variety of digital citizenship topics! Thank you Amy Yang, DCSD Teacher Librarian for sharing this great resource!

NetSmartzKids Beat the Tricks! This video shows kids how to spot tricks that adults might use such as pretending to be a friend of the family and picking them up from school etc.

NetSmartzKids It's OK to Tell! This video teaches kids how to tell a trusted adult when they come upon inappropriate images on the internet.

NetSmartzKids Ready Set Internet-Ethics! This 11 min. video teaches "pirating and bootlegging" from the internet is wrong.

NetSmartzKids Bad Netiquette Stinks! This video teaches the importance of choosing words carefully-Features Potty Mouth Pete!

NetSmartzKids This rap teaches how to make strong passwords.

Media Literacy This page has excellent examples and videos of how advertisements are designed to influence thoughts and behavior.

Ethics and Copyright This video shows the importance of giving credit and getting permission for sources used in reports and papers.

Living in a Digital World This video teaches students what it means to be a good citizen of an online community!

Privacy-Your Digital FootPrint This video reminds students how all online interactions leave a digital footprint!

Getting Informed-Research This video shows the importance of double checking the results from a web search when doing research on a topic.

Brainpop Copyright (Log in Needed)

Brainpop Internet Search (Log in may be needed)

Brainpop Research (Log in may be needed) Find a variety of sources when looking for information!

Brainpop Plagiarism (Log in may be needed)

Brainpop Citing Sources (Log In Needed) Faux Paw the Techno Cat- Internet Safetey

Faux Paw the techno Cat Faux Paw the Techno Cat- Watch out for the Games!

Faux Paw Goes to the Games Faux Paw the Techno Cat- Never Respond to Flame on the Internet

Faux Paw Meets the First Lady
Dewey Readmore Books - Cats of Iowa