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The Association of Irregular Studies

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The AOIS, or Association of Irregular Studies, is an association dedicated to exploring unusual topics. We study doodleology, zoology, cryptozoology, nuclear physics, and ritualism. Join us today!

Meet Carrie Planter, AOIS President

The AOIS is proudly led by Carrie Planter. She was born near Montauk, NY, in a small cabin on the beach. Her parents both studied cryptozoology, so she was constantly on the move during her childhood. When she was old enough, she settled down in The Bronx. Inspired by her parents, she started the AOIS on long island. For all of our 22 years, she has led us well. Carrie has studied all of our departments, but she specializes in Ritualism. When she isn't proudly conducting the AOIS, Carrie enjoys reading, baking, sketching, and embroidery. She is now quietly residing on Long Island with her husband, two daughters, and dog, and constantly takes trips to her home in The Bronx.
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