Change Someone's Holiday

Holiday Change Challenge

Bring your change the week of Dec 7th - 11th.

Help those in need over the holidays by donating your loose change. Your donation provides meals over the holidays for families in need. Your donation will also help families purchase gifts for the holidays.

Ice Cream Sandwich Party

The class who collects the most money will get to have an ice cream sandwich party.

Dancing Teachers

If our school raises $1000 or more, teachers will dance in front of the school at an assembly and try our best to dance the Whip and Nae Nae. I can imagine all the laughter now.


Monday: Hat day -- bring your pennies.

Tuesday: Dress like a Nerd day -- bring your nickels.

Wednesday: Royals fan day -- bring your dimes.

Thursday: Mustache day -- bring your quarters.

Friday: Dress to Impress day -- bring dollars.