Sydney (Not Australia)

By: Sydney Reeves


As a student athlete at Susan Moore High School, I strive to be a role model. I want to see a smile on everyone's face, at all times. I am almost always laughing with my friends. I also try to participate in as many school events as I can. (Dress up days, football games, sitting in the stands at every sporting event, Dawg Wars, Basketball Clinic for elementary, etc.)

Enjoyable things...

In my free time, I hit up the gym. I play travel basketball with Albertville High School and have tournaments almost every weekend. I also play school basketball at Susan Moore. If I am not in the gym, I am spending time with my family or friends, having a cookout or swimming. I started playing basketball in 5th grade, and have loved it more and more each year. I enjoy listening to country music and riding the gator with my sister when she is home from college.

Earlier on...

I was born on August 23, 2000 in Birmingham Alabama. I started preschool when I was 4 at Mt. Pleasant. I then came to Susan Moore to start kindergarten. My 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Hawkins, and in that class I learned that I enjoyed making scrapbooks for just about anything--from family beach trips and vacations to awards day and graduations at school. I then got to high school and now I am getting the opportunity to be accepted onto the yearbook staff.

Later on...

As I graduate high school in 2019, I then hope to attend Auburn University and follow in my Grandfathers, Mothers, and sisters footsteps. I would love to play for Auburn, but I would like to be an intern in the the athletic department and in the marketing work for the Glomerata. Though I am unsure of what degree field I will choose, I am sure it will be something medical. I know all of these things will be next to impossible to achieve if I lack the strive to work hard and be dedicated.

Involved in...

As a Freshman, I am involved in many different things. I have been a member at Snead Baptist Church for 6 years. I was inducted to The National Junior Honor Society in 8th grade, but now I am a part of Beta Club. I am Beta Club's 9th Grade Representative, and I plan to represent my grade in the best way that I can. I recently got elected by the student body to be the SGA Treasurer.

Weird Facts about ME!!!!

-I am 5'10 (and I hate it)

-I love sushi

-I have an obsession with flowers

-I am a huge Auburn Fan

-My middle name is taken from my grandmother (Elizabeth)

-I bring my lunch to school everyday

-I love reading quotes

-My mom is my best friend

-I have contacts

-My favorite color is orange