Cultural Discrimination

History of Russias most strict and dangerous years

Living Inside Challenges

Living in Russia was challenging yet difficult do to the way we, as Turks got treated. The reason it was difficult is because jobs were not offered to Turks. Not having jobs had put us being highly poor, working at farms and fields, making our own food for living. Turks were being discriminated by their ethnicity and religion. Passports were not given to Turks because the government did not want us, Turks, to be there in their country. Lastly, their most affective influence they did, was putting yellow stickers on vehicles of Turks to identify easily that they were considered Turks.

Difficulities In Classrooms.

Talking about education, the teachers did not treat every student equally, they discriminated Turks because they did not want them in their schools. Seeing Turks being successful in their work, teachers would find reasons to flunk them from achieving their goals. Teachers would slam rulers in the desk because they were getting annoyed the presence of Turks in their classrooms. Teachers would make Turks stay after school to clean their classrooms.

The City.

There were a lot of turks that lived in all parts of Russia but where I lived was very hard and stressful. There was a lot racist people and neighbors that never wanted us to live by because they always thought we will harm there lives. One thing I always remember when police officers come, we as of me and my sister&brother had to hide because they used to ask for passport on purpose because they threatened and tried to get money from my parents, for the reason to not having passport. Another thing, sometimes it was frightening to walk outside alone because in your mind you always thought all of that horrifying stuff can happen any moment. Never , I'm not trying to make Russia look bad , its a great country in my point of view, of course everybody had friends and great neighbors depends where you lived but after what happened , I will not suggest my self to go back.
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Marcel Theroux presented Death Of A Nation Ahiska in Krasnodar 2006 AHIS✘A NNA-TV 2013. ☠