Primary Update

Monday 15 September 2014

Thank you and Reminders

A huge thank you to the Year 1 and 2 teams and all the staff that supported the process for ensuring the PIPS testing was completed by the due date. Lots of computer glitches unfortunately but I am grateful for everyone's patience and good spirit in those frustrating moments. The data will be made available in the coming week for analysis and usage.

No staff meeting Monday night - Collaborative Planning instead.

Duties - Remember to swap your duty if you are out on field trips this coming week.
Professional Learning Pathways (PLP)
Donna and Leanne will forward details in the coming week regarding:
1. who will be your mentor and the details of the role
2. the focus and model each group is using so you can see what others are learning
3. other details

Everyone should be well into using their weekly PLP time to begin their inquiries/partnerships/coaching or pitch its.

A reminder to everyone to ensure you are considering each aspect of the inquiry spiral regardless of your area of particular (where are my learners now? - gathering base line evidence). This will help determine whether what you are focusing on is actually making an impact on student learning over time.
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Visible Learner in PE- A Model of Visual Feedback

Visible Learner Focus:
Students can...
• talk about how they are learning – the strategies they are using to learn
• articulate their next learning steps

Y4-6 students are well into their swimming programme with the ESF swim coaches. To support their swimming skill development, Damian and Lawrence have been using iPads in the pool to record techniques students are using in their swimming.

Purpose of videoing:
• Immediate, visual feedback of swimming techniques.

1. Notice a student who has a technique which needs refining
2. Record the student above or under the water - depending on the technique that needs refining
3. Play back to the student immediately after filming
Ask student two questions:
• What do you see working well in your technique?
• What technique do you need to strengthen?
4. Students go off and refine - with a clear set target

Benefits of the form of feedback?
Lawrence says: "Using verbal feedback in the pool only gets them to one point, but visual is more connected - they can see immediately the technical elements of their stroke."

Transferring this form of visual feedback
• Any presentations occurring in the class - i.e show and tell, presenting learning etc...
• Film and upload to 3 Ring for students to view later and reflect on - setting targets. See Joe Leithhead for use of 3 Ring to support this.

Supply Educational Assistants

We have been fortunate to add to our EA supply list this past week. 12 parents attended an induction session last Thursday and are now ready to come in and help out should the need arise. Kristi will send a photo introducing any new supply EAs on their first day. Please look our for them in the staffroom and make them feel welcome.
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Enjoy the week ahead everyone.