Women in the revolutionary war

How they helped us win the war

What would happen if women were not involved at in the the revolutionary war?

We would have lost the war is what I believe. The brave women helping serve there new born country gave it their all so that they could gain their independance from Britain. They gave pep talks, nursed soldiers back to health, cooked for the army, housed and clothed soldiers. The women were the workers behind the army always mending clothes and serving them so that we could win.

How is women in the revolutionary war related to the Americans winning?

I believe that women were the backbone of the revolutionary war. We were nurses, maids, soldiers, spies. We kept the soldiers clothes from going too ragged. We enlisted in the army dressed as men. And manned cannons while our husbands were injured. We were definitely part of the reason why the Americans won the war.

Ladies who took a stand during the war

Facts about women in the Revolutionary War

1. Some women were under cover spies for George Washington.

2. Just like mulan, women weren't allowed to serve in the military, but some did anyway dressed as men.

3. Washington specifically asked for women to serve in the war.