Mintzberg's Managerial Roles

By: Sam Decorah and David Westrich

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Interpersonal Roles


Perform social duties representing the company. Duties include: greeting visitors, speaking at events, and representing the company.


Motivate and encourage employees to accomplish tasks.


Deal with people outside of their units. An example would be speaking and working with other companies.

Informational Roles


Obtain information by seeking it in and outside of the workplace environment. Also, gain information by staying plugged in to news sources.


Share collected information with others in the company .


Share information with others not in the department or company.

Decisional Roles


Adapt themselves and the people in their companies to change.

-Disturbance Handler

Respond to problems that demand immediate solutions.

-Resource Allocator

Decide who gets what resources and how much of the resource they get.


Negotiate everything from schedules to projects to working conditions to employee raises.