Joan Miro

Lived to be a ripe age of 90 years-old.

A little bit about Joan Miro.

Joan was born in Barcelona. The have found drawing believed to be from 1901 that Joan drew. This would mean he was only 8 years old when he drew them. Joan was exposed to art from a very young age, this is due to his parents occupations. His mother was a gold smith, and his father was a watch maker. After over coming typhoid fever Joan decided to devote his life to art. He attended the school of art taught by Francesc Galí when he recovered.

Art movement Joan was involved in.

He was involved in surrealism and Dada.

Art Work Done By: Joan Miro

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Favorite work by: Joan Miro

I really can't choose a favorite for the fact I enjoy all of Joan's work. I like it because it's random yet it all tends to flow together. it's like he was able to paint what he saw well he was sleeping.


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