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nanno systems engineer


To become a nanosystems engineer, students need a bachelor degree in either nanoengineering or in a related engineering field like chemical engineering, materials science, or bioengineering. Students should take classes in both general engineering and courses that focus nanoscience .

Work life

Nanosystems engineers work in laboratories. They might spend alot of time using the computer to design and model nanodevices. When fabricating and testing their devices, they use expencive machinery. Nanosystems engineers usually work in teams with other engineers, and need good communication and group problem-solving skills. They are usally employed by either military or research and development laboratories, or run their own research laboratories in academic settings. Most nanosystems engineers have 40-hour work weeks.


 Average salary: 90,580  Predicted growth: 3-6 % Companies that hire nannosystems engineers: FEI,  Luna nanno Works, nannosys