Dracula The Vampire

2/7th period AP Literature- Henry Cerna, Jorge Galvan

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The Crucifix

The Crucifix played an important role in the novel. It symbolizes weakness to the vampires that become irritated to it and it made them useless to anything they do. People that had the crucifix in their possession had the power to stop any activity that the vampires consider a good deed. It also protected the human beings from evil that the Count had given off to other of his victims that they then passed by biting and sucking blood. For example, when Jonathan was wearing his crucifix, the Count came towards him and he grabbed his throat and he snatched it off of Jonathan.
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Christianity is used in the novel to emphasize the power of the light side to and it sums up to a whole new point of view to the novel. Dracula stands as a satanic figure. The mission of Van Helsing is to defeat the evil figure in which he uses the crucifix as a symbol of christianity. By Dracula being anti-christian, it's hard for him to do his dirty activities when he's around a church or when faith is around him. People that are christians have an advantage to where the Count is useless to do any harm. Christianity is like a force field, keeping you safe and keeping out the haters.
DRACULA (1931)--mirror scene
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Man vs Man Conflict

A man vs man conflict occurred in the story of Dracula when Dracula had the urge to become human again. Dracula was clothing himself as Jonathan Harker pretending to appear himself as Jonathan. Dracula knew himself that he couldn't be a man anymore but couldn't change whom he is. Throughout the novel he tells how he was once a human being and now when a human entered his home he was creating himself as an image of a human. Dracula leaves through the window when he finally cloaked in Jonathan's clothing. He walks around the town dressed as Jonathan to feel as a human and people could see him more of a human figure than the creepy guy in the house.
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Van Helsing

Van Helsings role in the play is significant to the novel for seeking the vampire. Van Helsing studying how vampires work and was the one who discovered the vampires victims known as Lucy. Finding the vampire known as Dracula was a huge step into discovering who his victims would be next. Van helsings discovery of Lucy being the victim was vital to the story. Van Helsing later discovered the vampires weaknesses and seeked out to destroy vampires and get ride of them. His significant role in the novel solved crucial problems and got rid of others