Factors which influence ageing

Task 3, unit 28, Farzana Ali, submission date- 23/3/15

These are the many types of factors that an older person can go through

Retirement- For some older people, they see retirement as a signal of low income, a negative change in self image and identity, a model of mortality and minimizes their social life.

Loneliness- This is defined as when you feel a loss of companionship or feeling alone and not liking it. As age gradually increases so does loneliness and this is more common if you have a low economic state, lack of security, not in contact with your family, lack of social networking.

Depression- This is a serious medical illness that an individual has made in their head. With older adults, depression is usually identified by the change in sleeping pattern, decline in appetite, weight loss, constipation and pain in the body. In some cases, older adults even commit suicide due to always being stressed.

Nutrition- The effects of poor nutrition can severely dysfunction the immune system. An unhealthy that is full of saturated fats, trans fats, laden with calories, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can accelerate into aging very quickly.

Genes- If you have a family who has a history of physiological disorders such as diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol then you are most likely to be affected by it too as you grow older which can lead to death as the symptoms of physiological disorders are very serious, making an adult having to need assistance in their care.

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