Living Ink

By: Isabella Ujka

Try it!

Scott and Steve are the ones who invented Living Ink. It is only $25 for the mini edition with free U.S. shipping. But, you can grab the regular edition for $49, with free U.S. shipping. International is $20 around the world. Living Ink is produced in cells using sunlight and CO2 from the atmosphere! This proves that it is good for the environment. It is safe and a renewable solution. Living Ink is creative and you can use it in Art and Science. Living Ink is also made out of algae. The Ink stays for a very long time! Sunlight makes Living Ink grow. You need to make sure to put your art under the sunlight or under a regular lamp. It all starts by applying the ink onto paper and placing it in a greenhouse. Then, the living ink begins to grow and you can see the creativity and art. Living Ink owner's made it safe so that people all ages can use it. You can reuse the greenhouse and pen. In the future, there will be different types of colors to write or print out with. This is safer than regular ink because regular ink is made out of heavy metals like coper, iron, and aluminum. Living Ink is made out of safe materials. You can use it with your friends, as well! Unlock your creativity, make art and science fun!!
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This is how Living Ink looks right after a couple days! It is still neat and looks nice.

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Instructions on HOW to make your creative drawing.