Marching Band Registration


How to register for the West Shore Marching Band

Welcome to the start of the 2020 West Shore Marching Band Season!

We are now in the process of registering students to confirm their participation and show their commitment to our organization. In leu of a normal in-person registration night, we are doing this process via online registration form and snail mail! We will hold an in-person meeting when it is safe and allowed to do so.

Here are the items that we will need you to complete the registration process:

  • Online Marching Band Registration Form
  • Paper - Medical Form
  • Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct Form
  • Registration Fees

Please see all the information below

1. Online Marching Band Registration Form

This is the most import piece of registration. We are asking you to complete this form by Thursday, June 11th. We need to make sure we have an accurate count of students and what instruments we are going to need to distribute to our kids!

New Members:

1. Be Sure To Read the Attached Membership Guide to Understand Your Commitment

(found below)

2. Please take a moment to look at these frequently asked questions

2. First-Aid/Medical Form

Due to HIPAA and medical confidentiality, we are unable to process this information online at this time. We are asking you to:

  • Download This Form (found below)
  • Print It Out
  • Fill It Out & Sign
  • Send it to the address above
  • Please DO NOT email it.

The First Aid form must be completed and returned on the student's FIRST day of IN-PERSON practice or the student will not be allowed to continue to rehearse or perform with the group.

3. West Shore Code of Conduct Form

This is a West Shore School District Policy Form that all students participating in Extra-Curricular/Athletics need to fill-out. Please send this along with the medical form to the West Shore Music Boosters PO Box Address. You only need to fill-out and sign the last page.

The code of contact form must be completed and returned on the student's SECOND day of full practice or the student will not be allowed to continue to rehearse or perform with the group.

Athletic Forms Page -

4. Registration Fees

*Please do not let a fee deter you from signing your child up for marching band. The District and Booster program are her to help kids stay involved. I guarantee your child's participation in this activity is worth it. Please read all the information, especially if you are new!*


There are two fees associated with participating in the West Shore Marching Band.

  • West Shore Music Booster Fee $100 (for this year to start).
  • School Participation Fee $100

Given the circumstances, we are starting are registration fee out at $100 to help us cover initial costs of the season. However, if we have a full season we will need to ask for an extra $50 dollars in September to cover normal student expenses. (food/nationals transportation/etc..)

Q & A about Registration Costs

How do I pay these fee(s)?

You will need to write two separate checks

  • $100 made payable to the "West Shore Music Boosters"
  • $100 made payable to your child's high school/future high school - "Cedar Cliff High School" or "Red Land High School"
  • You must write out the High School's Complete name - NO abbreviations - RLHS or CCHS

When does this fee need to be paid?

Music Booster Fee -

  • We normally ask you to pay for this as soon as you register. However, if you cannot mail it in at this moment, we are asking that the fee be paid the first time your child has an IN PERSON practice. We do not know when that is just yet.

School Fee -

  • The school fee must be paid by August 10th. If a student does not, they could be stopped from performing at competitions or football games.

What if I can't pay for this all at once?

The Music Boosters are happy to help with payment plans. Please contact me via email at to help set this up.

The School District will also help you setup a payment plan - please contact your high school's athletic secretary to set this up. Also, the school district does allow waivers that you can fill out if you are in financial need.

What if we DON'T have a marching band season?

We will refund the money to each family.

Why is the Music Booster Fee only $100 for this year?

With the future being unknown during this time, we do not want to burden families with too much upfront cost. However, we will need to collect more to help cover other student marching band expenses if the season proceeds as normal.

Questions & Concerns

Please ask us any questions through the form below and one of the directors/booster members will get back to you promptly!

West Shore Marching Band Summer/Fall Schedule

About Us

We, the West Shore Music Boosters, have a mission and vision to supply enriching and educational opportunities in the performing arts in the West Shore School District.