Austin Public Library Provided a ton of useful info to help stem the summer slide....

Click HERE to see the presentation they provided and click above for Christy's notes of their talk.

Also, HERE is the framing presentation. Pay close attention to the hotlink on the reading programs slide. It is a link to the article that lists the free reading programs in Austin.

TLA Share Out!!

I collected as many of the handouts as I could to share with everyone. There is some really amazing stuff HERE!!

If you have notes that you took and would like to share them please feel free to add them to this folder.

Also, this folder is not going away. We all know it's a hard time of the year to be thinking about new ideas, most of us are supremely focused on solving the challenges to get us to the end of the year. So keep this link around and when you sit down this summer to do planning for next school year, maybe look through the handouts of presentations that sound interesting :) Or maybe come to one of the programming or technology round tables that we will be hosting at the LMC this summer and collaborate with your colleagues!!

Be on the Look Out!!!

We will be sending out info on all of the summer pd opportunities very soon!

We are offering several new things this summer such as the above mentioned technology integration and programming round tables. These will be very loosely structured opportunities for you all to get together and talk about things like scheduling, planning, make bulletin boards or determine the themes and holidays you intend to celebrate. Having difficulty with something specific when it comes to integrating tech into your library or lessons? Bring those questions and let's hammer out solutions and products together :)

In addition, Bonnie will be offering a refresher guide to cataloging, so if you dread entering things into Sirsi because you're never sure if you're doing it right, this might be a great way to reduce your overall anxiety level ;)

We will also be repeating the Makerspace workshop and teaching with tech class from last year.

And please save the date for our Library Development Day!! August 15th, with more details TBA.

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Just some info on LMAC's plans for the upcoming year....

Next year's two main focuses for next year will be relaunching the AISD Friend's of the Library Group and and creating a lesson plan/bibliography hub. Both of these projects have had several false starts over the years and now we're ready to really apply some sustained effort to get them off the ground in a meaningful way.

So! If you are good at and enjoy the setting up the works for social events and social groups, or you love writing lesson plans and are passionate about creating a place where every librarian can easily access ideas and lesson plans, maybe take a few minutes this weekend and fill out the application.